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May 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

Harsh reverse engagement in Volvo AW50-42LE can have four possible causes.

Chrysler RWD units may experience repeated failures from meltdown of the front quick-disconnect line clips. Replace the quick-disconnect fittings with threaded fittings that will not melt.

Revisions have been made to the valve body and spacer plate on Ford AODE/4R70W.

Transmission-fluid leak from the vent in a 4T65-E can be prevented by replacing the upper-channel-plate cover gasket with an updated gasket.

A stator support turned inside the cover of a ZF-5HP-18 in a BMW can cause no power on take-off, neutralizing, bind-ups and failsafe.

Check for a defective mass-air-flow sensor in AX4S/N, AODE/4R70W and E4OD with converter-clutch shuttle.

It’s a Tight Squeeze

I could only imagine the thoughts that ran through the minds of R&R men after they lifted the hood to view the Cadillac North Star/4T80-E combo for the first time. Perhaps it was something to the effect of, “Where is the transmission?”

Making Money in the Clutch

If you are in the transmission-repair business, you will work on a percentage of stick transmissions. This will inevitably lead to replacing worn-out or damaged clutches, since a large percentage of transmission damage starts with a worn or improperly adjusted clutch. There is good money to be made in clutch repair, and any time you remove a stick transmission, make sure you remove and inspect the clutch.

Check the Ratio

The wrong differential was installed when the accident repairs were made two years before. The problem never surfaced until the car was driven more than 30 miles at one time. Since this was a second car, it took two years for the problem to show up.

Acura Legend G4, L5 & PL5X Transaxles

As best I can tell there are about 60 versions of the Honda/Acura four-speed transaxle to date. Some of these units, at a glance, look the same. Of course, as you know (usually found out the hard way), they are not the same. As a matter of fact, sometimes even when you look a bit closer they still look the same. This is mainly because of very subtle differences in the pieces and parts contained in these units.