May 2000 Archives - Transmission Digest
May 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

With all the updates on transmissions and transaxles, the interchange of parts is not as easy as it was in the past. So this month’s tech information will help in the identification of these parts and in transmission/transaxle identification.

The information on General Motors 4T60-E covers the identification of the channel plates on models that have no manual low, plus information on the parts affected: inside detent lever, channel plate and 2nd-start switch.

The new-design 1-2 roller clutch on the THM 4T60-E has created parts changes, along with inter-changeability and retrofit concerns.

In a Ford AXODE (AX4S) that slips on the 2-3 shift or has no 2-3 shift, the cause may be mismachining of the direct-/intermediate-clutch cylinder or an out-of-round clutch cylinder.

The new input-clutch retainer on Chrysler 41TE and 42LE units changed snap-ring thicknesses, and the reaction plate was modified.

Chrysler A500/42RE series transmissions may have no reverse or a bind-up on the 3-4 shift because of a mismatch of the overdrive-/direct-clutch housings, depending on engine size and transmission model.