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1997 ZF Manual Valves

A 1997 Porsche Boxster was towed to a transmission shop. The vehicle was equipped with a ZF5HP19 transmission (Porsche calls this transmission A86.00 Tiptronic) and had 48,408 miles on the odometer. The customer complaint was that the vehicle would drive fine when cold, but the warmer the transmission got, the greater the effort to move the shifter. The shifter would get to a point that it would not move at all. At one point the shifter assembly broke because of the force applied to it.

Replacing Valve Bodies Dos and Don’ts: Part 2

I would like to go over some basic (yet very important) things that need to be done when replacing the valve body. I’ll also touch on some things that need to be done during the initial road test to help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Programming: A Blessing or a Curse

(Re)programming and tuning do share some similarities but are very different and shouldn’t be mixed up. As told in the previous chapter, the program contains a lot of info including the mapping. This mapping is basically the way the car drives “transmission-wise.” This mapping contains stuff like shift speeds, TCC strategy and speeds, shift firmness and pressures.

March 2018 Issue

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4L70E input speed sensor fault
GM TCM damage during removal
GM 4T40/65/80-4L80-E: P0730 gear ratio error

Toyota’s K313 Continuously Variable Transmission

In 2014, Toyota introduced the K313 Continuously Variable Transmission in their 1.8L Corollas vehicles. It utilizes a torque converter eliminating a forward or reverse clutch-release strategy when in gear at a complete stop. The torque converter neck is a double-ear drive design that indexes into the inner pump gear.

Know Your Outcome

A couple weeks ago The Reman Runner talked me into doing a 5K: a race that happened to be a trail course, something I had never done before and certainly wasn’t training for. I convinced myself the three miles without any sort of recent running would be completely fine despite the total lack of preparation. Easy.

Extra Set of Eyes Saves the Day

In addition to the OEM-spec remanufactured transmissions we build, we also offer a series of heavy-duty transmissions available in three different stages. This article examines the installation of our Road Ripper™ 3000 (stage 3 unit) in a 2005 Dodge 2500 pickup equipped with a 5.9L diesel and a 618/48RE transmission. The vehicle had been in use for about a month when the customer returned with an issue that the transmission was stuck in gear and would not shift. We did not want any damage to occur by the customer driving the vehicle to our location, so we set up a tow to have the vehicle picked up.

Do unto Others

I believe the most significant management skill is the ability to deal effectively with customers, coworkers and suppliers. If you can continually treat all three groups with the respect they deserve just for being who they are there’s a good chance they will respond in kind. Customers will want to come to you because they know they will be well treated. Techs will want to work with and for you because you make them feel safe in their environment, and suppliers will want to go out of their way to help you because you don’t try to chisel them on every deal.