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Mercedes 7G-DCT FWD Dual-Clutch Transmission
6T40 / 6T50 Pump Metal Clad Seal Design

Finding & Developing Your Personal Management Style

You are a unique individual. There is no one else exactly like you in the entire world. The way you look and act, the way you think and feel, they are all yours. You have certain strengths and weaknesses that have helped and or hindered you your whole life. One of the keys to being a successful manager of people and business is to recognize and build on those strengths and work toward eliminating as many weaknesses as possible.

Verifying Repairs: This is Where We Dropped the Ball

For this installment of R&R Tech I would like to take some time to discuss how engine performance can affect the transmission operation. We have all heard it before; the engine must be running properly in order for the transmission to function correctly. What does “properly” mean in this scenario? We all use different terms when we tell the customer, “You need to get the engine running properly” or good, correct, better, whatever terms we use; in our minds it all means the same thing.

Ford TorqShift 6 Component Upgrades

Unlike the 6R60 / 6R80 models that were a carryover from the ZF6HP26, Ford started with a clean sheet of paper in the development of the 6R140. To say that this unit is a beast would be an understatement due to the fact that it weighs more than 300 pounds.

Dual Clutch Transmissions: Are They the End of the Torque Converter?

We have enjoyed two major designs of transmissions for many years. The manual transmission where the driver disconnected the power flow from the engine to the transmission by stepping on the clutch pedal and manually moving the shift lever from the present gear to the next gear to be selected.

CVT Success: In-Vehicle Isolation of Common Problems

All transmission models have unique problems that are common to that model; Jatco CVT units are no exception. Technicians are facing an uphill battle when it comes to diagnosing and repairing CVTs if they don’t have the right information on hand. Knowing what the common issues are and understanding the options available to isolate and fix problems are the keys to CVT success.

Why You Should Put a Library in Your Lobby

Books change everything. They contain the answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself for years. They contain new ideas, old truths, and growth opportunities – all for less than the cost of a crappy movie at your local theater.

Double Jeopardy

A 2002 Highlander 3.0L using the U140 transmission comes back to Pedro Seda’s shop in Puerto Rico. He had rebuilt it two years prior to its return where it had worked flawlessly during this time. Then, in an instant, it went from flawless to faulty. The transmission suddenly lost reverse and would no longer shift into fourth gear. When reverse was selected an engagement was felt yet the vehicle did not move in reverse.