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Ghosts in the Machine: Tracking Down Hummer H3 Intermittent Neutral Condition

There have been numerous instances recently of 2006-08 Hummer H3 vehicles arriving on a flatbed, with a stated customer concern of a grinding noise accompanied by a neutral-out while driving down the road. By the time the tow-truck driver drops it at the shop and we begin diagnosis by attempting to duplicate the concern, the “ghost” is gone and the vehicle drives perfectly!

How Does the Stock Market Affect Your Business?

The stock market is a venue for people who want to gamble on something many of them think they can control by doing a lot of research and constant tracking of the companies in which they invest. In point of fact you can follow your companies all you want. You can find out lots of information that will tell you how strong their sales are as opposed to their costs. You can check the background of all their executives and look into their relationships with other companies. In fact, with the Internet putting so much information right in front of you on your computer screen, you might think you can find out everything you need to know about how well companies are doing and how their stocks should behave on the market. One little problem though: Some of the best companies simply follow the market up or down, their individual performance notwithstanding. In other words, when the Dow Jones drops it takes these great companies with it no matter how well they are doing.

The Cheap Haircut

It’s great to show your personality, make jokes, and upsell to increase your bottom line. At the end of the day, if your main product sucks, none of the rest matters.

Tuner-Update Software Easily Found Online

We all know how important it is to make sure the vehicles that come into your shop have the latest software loaded into the vehicle’s computer systems. No matter the make or model, they almost all have some kind of updated calibration that the OE decided was important enough for them to get the calibration approved and released, whether it be for drivability, fuel mileage, durability or just a software bug.

Computer power eases burden of synchro rings

Since the invention of the motorcar, designers and engineers realized that they needed to make the torque generated by the motor usable and efficient. This led to the creation of the transmission, which made the transfer of torque from the engine usable and smooth.

Six Ways from Sunday: Diagnosing ZF6 & Ford 6R60/80 TC-Related Drivability Concerns

Recently, TV picture troubles caused us to summon a repair technician to our home. The technician (we’ll call him Tech No. 1) snapped on his tool belt and started disassembling components as soon as he arrived. He checked over the satellite dish, then he continued the assault on the house by removing rows of ceiling tile for an in-depth inspection. After hand-checking all the connections, an hour into his service call, he condemned the satellite receiver. A couple days later the suspect receiver was replaced, but the intermittent screen-digitization problem remained.

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GM 8L90 – The Other 8 Speed Automatic: Part 2

By 2014 GM released the 8L90 in the Cadillac ATS. A year later, the 8L transmission series had spread out to the Corvette and trucks such as the Silverado and Yukon. Currently, GM offers two models of eight-speed transmissions, the light-duty 8L45 and heavy-duty 8L90. When GM developed the 6L80/6L90 transmission series, they were loosely based upon the ZF 6HP family of transmissions. The 8L90 also has a ZF thumbprint on it, though somewhat less than the previous six speeds. One welcomed departure from ZF was the absence of an internal TCM in the GM units.