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Time = Money; Waste=Loss: A Survival Guide

The economy is in a terrible slump, and for the first time people in our industry are beginning to realize that we are no longer recession proof. Zero down with 0% financing has transmission shops around the country losing jobs to new-car purchases or leases. The carmakers have become major competitors for vehicle-repair dollars with sales of reman and new units at competitive prices. General-repair shops are now doing transmission work that they used to farm out to transmission shops.

4L60-E: 4×4 Low Range Only After Overhaul

Once you are aware that the wire harnesses can be connected incorrectly, it is easy to look back at the problem. When the transfer-case motor-encoder plug is connected to the oxygen sensor, it will short, blowing the fuse; and when the oxygen-sensor plug is connected to the motor-encoder, it shifts the transfer case to 4×4 low range..

A Bouquet of Hybrids

Honda hit the road first with its gas-engine/electric-motor combo called the Insight, but it was Toyota that pioneered the “Hi Voltage Battery” technology and used it in its Prius vehicle. Ford broke ground by producing the first hybrid SUV with its 2003 Ford Escape. Ford also has plans in the works in which it will use the latest hybrid-electric-vehicle technologies with an advanced new fuel cell to produce the zero-emissions Ford Focus. Prototypes begin in 2004. Other manufacturers soon will have vehicles of environmentally friendly design available for purchase here as well. So it’s another technology that the auto-repair and rebuilding industry needs to prepare for.

March 2003 Issue

Issue Summary:

After an overhaul during which the channel plate is replaced, a THM 4T40-E may have various stuck valves caused by mysterious metal particles.

Before and/or after rebuild of a THM 4T40-E, the vehicle illuminates the check engine lamp and stores code P1887 or P0742 in memory.

After overhaul and replacement of the torque converter in a THM 4T60-E, code P1870 – transaxle component slipping – occurs during the road test.

In a THM 4T60-E, an incorrect pressure switch or one that is stuck closed can cause no or a late 1-2 shift or cause the unit to fall back to third gear after attempting a 3-4 shift.

Some 1995-96 Buick Century and Oldsmobile Ciera vehicles with the 3.1-liter engine and THM 4T60-E may exhibit 3rd-gear starts and the air conditioner not working because of a blown in-line fuse.

A 4T65-E Is a 4T65-E Is a 4T65-E!

I don’t think I have anything weird for you this month, just some differences in 4T65-E applications requiring special overhaul-kit items that you need to be aware of when it’s on your bench.