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Low Line Pressure in 4L80-E in Diesel-Powered Trucks

Low Line Pressure in 4L80-E in Diesel-Powered Trucks

TASC Force Tips

Author: Gregg Nader, Sonnax

Maxima Malady

This problem came to me from a shop that was working on a 1997 Nissan Maxima with an RE4FO4A transmission that came in with a complaint of late and harsh shifts.

Tips and Techniques for Standard-Transmission Diagnosis, Part 1

Our profession is concerned almost exclusively with problem solving. It is important that we learn to diagnose and correct the problems that our customers bring us in a proficient manner, because time is money. Once you have agreed with your customer on a price for your labor, any extra time spent on the repair costs you twice over. The reason for this is that you cannot charge for any further time spent on the project, and you could put that same time to use on a paying job. This should be common sense, but every technician will attack a problem or comeback in a different manner.

PCM Reprogramming

Many of us can agree that the older we grow, the more quickly time passes. Manufacturers would do well if they could invent a brake that could slow the clock of life. At times this clock of life seems to be similar to that of a brakeless 18-wheeler with its trailer fully loaded, barreling downhill, delivering the uncomfortable feeling of helplessness – you know, the feeling of recognizing that this out-of-control rig has got to come to a stop somehow.

March 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

This month’s issue features a number of charts that will lead you through the inner workings of this ZF transmission manufactured in Germany: BMW ZF-5HP-19FL.