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March 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

In a GM 4L80-E/4L80-EHD with trouble code 68 in overdrive or trouble code 39 in Drive 3, the cause can be mechanical. The units also have new-design fourth- and overrun-clutch steel plates.

The oil-pump driveshaft in Ford AXOD/AXODE may be the culprit in no movement in forward or Reverse, or no converter-clutch apply at any speed.

We also have updated electrical diagnosis and cautions on 1991-1992 Ford AXODE.

Chrysler 41TE has a change in the overdrive/underdrive reaction plate, as well as a change in the 2-4 low/reverse reaction plate.

In a Honda M24A, no reverse after overhaul may be caused by the bore plug that retains the servo control valve having been installed backward.

Valve-body screens for GM 4L30-E units now are available individually from Isuzu. We list the part numbers for those screens.