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Vacuum Testing GM 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90

From the TASC Force we reprint a series of in-depth test instructions for checking the serviceability of valve bodies.

Do You Follow Up or Follow Through?

As a result of putting myself out there, I had the pleasure of meeting new people on a daily basis. That pleasure also came with a challenge: I left each function with a stack of business cards, often as many as 50, and often struggled to keep up with follow-up; that is, I struggled until I created a process.

Through trial and error, defining and refining a process, and observation of how others follow up, I created a best-practices list that I now follow. Before I share that list with you, however, you should know there are two major considerations with regard to successful follow-up.

People Buy from People They Like

How likable are you? If others were going to comment on how you impressed them at your first meeting, what would they say? Might it be, “What a nice guy; I would really feel comfortable doing business with him”? Would the impression be neutral, meaning that there was no feeling generated at all, or would it be a negative in which the customer’s thinking, “I wouldn’t do business with him if he were giving it away for free”?

Entering The Twilight Zone – Strange Problems

Everyday technicians earn their living by solving complex problems. The modern automobile or truck has evolved into a very sophisticated machine in which all parts must function together to perform properly. This means that what used to be a simple three- or four-speed transmission has become entwined with systems that are computer controlled and where an antilock-brake system or suspension system that is not working correctly can have major effects on transmission operations.

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68RFE drive-to-neutral noise
Sprinter 722.6 TCC lockup issues
Ford Escape harsh engagement

GM’s Silverado: Did Redesign Make the Truck More Tech-Friendly?

This month I will take a second look at the Silverado. If you have been a reader for a long time you may remember that nine years ago I reviewed the 2003 Silverado. We compared it with the 1996 model.

This time, we compare a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT with 5.3L V 8 and automatic transmission with a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT with 5.3L V 8 and automatic transmission. Starting in 2014, the Silverado has joined other brands to include electric power steering as standard equipment.

JR405E RWD 4-Speed: The Subaru FWD twin

With the unrelenting proliferation of transmission models and today’s focus on extreme gears, it’s refreshing to see a design that crosses over from RWD to FWD applications. Having one basic architecture certainly makes diagnosis and rebuilding procedures much easier.

Such is the case with the JR405E. The transmission is made by Jatco, and although the company is currently the king of CVTs, it also makes a variety of step-type units. Jatco makes transmissions for the global market as well, meaning that shops in the U.S. would never get a shot at repairing.

Cause and Effect

A customer brought in his 1994 Toyota Camry, concerned that his brakes were hanging up as he was stopping. When I road-tested the vehicle I confirmed that there was a strange dragging feeling upon light brake application. I also noticed that when the brake pedal was applied, the “R” lamp in the PRNDL indicator illuminated even though the selector was in Drive. I also noted that the ‘tail lamp out’ warning indicator came on at the same time. The first obvious check was to take a look at the taillights themselves. I have learned over the years that you never ignore the signs right in front of you, even if you think they might be completely unrelated.