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June 2009 Issue

Issue Summary:

A 1995-2000 Hummer H1 enters the shop with an unexplained transmission-fluid loss, venting from the transfer case or transmission fluid contaminating the air filter.

1999-and-up Ford vehicles with the AX4S transaxle may exhibit a short delay followed by a bang when engaging any forward range.

Ford vehicles equipped with the AX4N/4F50N transaxle may exhibit a short delay followed by a bang when engaging any forward range.

After overhaul, Ford vehicles equipped with the AX4S, AX4N or 4F50N may exhibit a complaint of no third gear.

The Vanishing Strawberry Milkshake!

You get a vehicle in the shop with common shifting concerns and/or a shudder – no different from any other day. You pull the unit out and find failed frictions. No big deal, right? No hard-part damage; it just needs clutches and reassembled. Since the manager/owner wants to save a nickel, he says: “We can run the original converter, right? The hub looks good, and the unit didn’t have any metal in it.”

Opening a Second Location in Times like These – Unbelievable!

As tough as it is to turn a profit from a transmission- and/or auto-repair business, you would figure that it is even more difficult in times of great economic hardship such as we now face. Therefore, most owners would be hard pressed to consider opening an additional location until the economy stabilizes and shows signs of growth. The problem is that for the economy to grow, owners of small and medium-size businesses have to take the risk of expansion.

Ford Mustang: Does Ford Really Have a Better Idea?

This year, we continue our series on redesigned cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Ford will now go under the technician microscope as I compare the 2004 3.8-liter Mustang to the 2009 4.0 to see if it is easier to service or a step back in time.

Making the Car Disappear

A 1997 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8L turbo (ZF 5HP19) with a complaint that the transmission lost reverse once it was warmed up.

This transmission has a history of chronic reverse problems. The vehicle was scanned with a MODIS and presented the following codes: 00652, 18010 and P1602.

V-8 Toyota Tundra

I am sure by now that most shops out there have run into the pesky P0770 “Solenoid E Fault,” on some type of Toyota or Lexus vehicle, that has given you the runaround. ATSG senior technical consultant Jim Dial and I have spoken about this on numerous occasions, since it is a very common problem on our tech line. Jim did a bit of investigating, and this is what he discovered.

Mercedes 722.6, Daimler W5, Porsche W5, Jaguar 722.6

The 722.6 transmission went into production for use in 1996-model-year vehicles and is still being offered in 2009. The 722.6 is used in Mercedes, Porsche and Jaguar vehicles and in a variety of Chrysler products, where it is referred to as NAG1.

Crime-Scene Investigation, Part 2

This is the conclusion of a two-part article that began in the May issue. Part 1 covered the basics of the lawsuit, the progression from warranty issues to major lawsuit, and inspection of the transmission.

Cummins Diesel TCC Shudder: a New Twist

A 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4, with a Cummins diesel engine and a 618 transmission, was brought to a transmission shop with a complaint of TCC shudder. Three to four months prior to coming to the shop, the customer noticed a change in the TCC-apply feel. He said that the TCC apply had suddenly become more aggressive or abrupt. The condition had worsened over the course of three to four months, until the start of the shudder issue.