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Fine-Tuning the Bonding Process

In a torque converter the friction material most often used on a lockup piston or cover is a mix of fibrous materials in a phenolic resin. The adhesive used to bond this material to steel is also phenolic based. Phenolic is a thermo-set type of plastic, and this plastic has unique properties.

June 2008 Issue

Issue Summary:

Hyundai A4A/B & F4A40/50 Series
Mitsubishi R4A51/V4A51
Toyota 540-E/540-H

1995-2005 Hyundais may exhibit complaints including a flare on the 2-3 shift, no lockup application, no fourth gear, 1-2 shift only and harsh garage shifts.

A Hyundai with the A4BF1 has the MIL on with no apparent drivability complaints and the transmission is not in limp mode, but codes P0743 and P0747 are stored.

A Toyota vehicle with a 540-H or 540-E transaxle may have no reverse, and no engine braking in Manual 2 or Manual 1.

Mitsubishi vehicles with R4A51/V4A51-series transmissions may exhibit poor shift quality or a flared 2-3 upshift after overhaul.

AW81-40LE: A Brief Introduction

The 4 speed electronically shifted FWD AW81-40LE transmission (see Figure 1) used in Chevy Aveo vehicles since 2004 looks as if it had been constructed using parts that were left over from Toyota and Volvo transmissions. All kidding aside, it is a very straightforward transmission, making it easy to become familiar with it.

Another Clever Engineering Design

This month I’m revealing another very clever engineering redesign with a Ford/Mazda transmission. The Ford FNR5 is the five-speed version of the previous four-speed 4F27E. Mazda uses the 5NR5 designation for its redesigned FN4A-EL.

AW55-50: Differences Among Manufacturers, Part 1

As you can see, there are a lot of these transmissions on the street. It is important that you understand what a normal operating condition is and what is not normal for the vehicle that you are working on. Not all AW55-50 transmissions have the same operating features.

Mr. 10%

That’s how his fellow service advisers introduced him to me at the seminar. His name was Steve but no one called him that. Most just called him “10” for short, as in “Hey, 10, how much did you give away today?”

Serviceability Report: 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

Most of you have probably not worked on a hybrid Ford. Is it easier to service a gas-only Escape or a hybrid? Let’s find out.

Interrelated Vehicle Systems

With the steady advance of technology, motor vehicles have become safer, more fuel efficient, less polluting and much more complex. This will continue to make very large demands on the people who work at repairing them and must learn how these systems work and how they relate to each other. Failure to do so will be a career-threatening move.