June 2001 Archives - Transmission Digest
June 2001 Issue

Issue Summary:

When a 4L60-E fails from lack of lubrication, the cause may be that the lube-from-cooler passage in the pump stator was not drilled completely.

We also have information on the bellhousing changes in the 4L60-E units in Camaro and Firebird models, along with the converter applications. None of the parts listed will interchange with previous-design parts.

In vehicles with the Ford CD4E and Mazda LA4A-EL, high-gear starts in manual low after replace-ment of a valve body or computer could be due to the difference in solenoid firing order between 1994-and-earlier and 1995-and-later vehicles.

In a Mazda/Ford GF4A-EL, no 4th gear after rebuild could be caused by installing the forward and coast drum from a G4A-EL. We also have infor-mation on harsh upshifts.

We have identification of lower valve bodies on Mercedes-Benz 722.5 units showing the differences between the models that have rear pumps and those that don’t.

Also included are information on and functions of the vehicle-speed sensor on the Isuzu NPR/GMC Forward Tiltmaster.