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Mercedes’s 7G-DCT Transmission (part 1)

The reason such a new vehicle came in to Jan’s shop for repairs is the owner had inadvertently bottomed out the car breaking the transmission’s case.

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Chevrolet Aveo: Harsh Engagements and No Overdrive
Land Rover: Erratic Shifting
Mazda Active Adaptive Shift: No Higher Range Upshift at Heavy Throttle

Picking Up Bad Vibrations

Quite a lot has been written and many technical classes have been put on regarding the General Motors 8L45/8L90 family of transmissions. We are now seeing opportunities to put that information to use.

Building a Positive Attitude, Building Your Bank Account

Negative attitude, for that matter, is perhaps more contagious that positive attitude. It’s why one negative coworker can ruin the mood of the entire team the minute they walk in the door. Positive attitude has to be on purpose.

Avoid Brand X Parts Twists and Turns

Certain aftermarket serpentine belts can create an electrostatic discharge that can impact electrical components that happen to be too close, such as the TCM. In this particular model truck, the TCM is not too far away from the belt, and that was causing the erratic transmission operation and trouble code.

Jatco/Nissan JF016E (RE0F10D), JF017E (RE0F10E)

Jatco/Nissan JF016E (RE0F10D), JF017E (RE0F10E) critical wear areas and vacuum test locations

Who Says that Torque Converters are Non-Rebuildable?

Who says that torque converters are non-rebuildable? Well, the OEMs have been saying it since the first sealed torque converter rolled off the assembly line, and they continue to say it today. “But,” you say, “I think the torque converter aftermarket gets good support from the OEs, don’t they?”

Souza Sezz: U880E/AF50-8 Electronic Information

The Aisin Warner AAWF8F45 eightspeed front wheel drive transmission is refered to as the U880E in Toyota/Lexus models and the AF50-8 in GM vehicles.

My Spaceship Needs a New Transmission!

The people of Roswell aren’t green visitors from Pluto, but normal people going about normal lives. But if there were a few little green men wandering around, where would they go to service their spacecraft’s transmissions?


No one in their right mind wants to pay to have a transmission rebuilt or for any other major repair. That means that any price you ask will be too much in their minds.

Jasper Engines: Profiting From Partnership

“There’s a lot of business to be done out there and what we are focused on is truly being a partner with the shops. We want to be their Company of Choice for those difficult units that they choose not to rebuild whether it’s a question of technology, training, or even time. We can provide those units.