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Preferred Transmissions Plus, Oregon, Ohio

After more than a quarter-century of rebuilding, with self-awareness that this was the time to make the move, and with strong spousal encouragement, Dean Rhodes opened Preferred Transmissions Plus in 2011 in Oregon, Ohio, near Toledo.

Millennial Marketing Can Be Awesome for Your Business

Encountering a millennial in the workplace is pretty normal for most of us now, depending on the industry. If you’re in a business that utilizes technology, then there’s a bigger chance you’re surrounded by millennials – or maybe you’re a millennial yourself. If you’re in the automotive or machining industry, it may be different. Regardless of your industry, you probably have people talking about millennials whether it’s good or bad, true or false, right or wrong, the stereotypes are out there in full force.

Programming Not Included

A customer recently brought his 2011 Ford F-150 into our facility after a general-repair shop (not a specialized transmission shop) had just installed a used transmission. His truck was a 4WD vehicle equipped with a 5.0L engine and 6R80 transmission. When the customer picked up the truck from the previous shop he was told that the transmission was installed and everything was fine, but it still needed to be programmed (the shop didn’t have the equipment to perform this important step).

7 G-Tronic Plus Generation Six – Part 1

Mercedes’ 7-speed transmission known as the 7 G-Tronic is commonly referred to as the 722.9 transmission. This 5th generation of Mercedes’ transmission lineup made its first appearance in 2003. By 2010 a revised version of this transmission was developed making it the 6th generation of transmissions calling it the 7 G-Tronic Plus.

12 Ways to Build Better Customer Relationships

Deeply connected, trust-based, and authentic customer relationships are hard to come by. When you know how to create these relationships with your customers, you’ll win their loyalty, earn referrals and enjoy repeat business for years to come.

July 2018 Issue

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4F27E/FNR5: Slipping or No Reverse
6F50N: Bump/slip on initial takeoff
6R80: One-way clutch bias spring
6R80: Output speed sensor failure
6R140W: 1-2-3-4/3-5-R clutch housing assembly
BMW xDrive AWD: Transfer case and grinding noise

The Variable Line Pressure Solenoid

The 41TES and the 42RLE-VLPS are known to produce a “Line Pressure to High” code P0869 due to defective TCM/PCM’s immediately after a 2-3 shift. When this call comes in on our help line, we ask the tech involved to run some tests so we can be certain that a defective computer is the cause. Being a pattern failure, a repair tech can be as costly as buying a computer that doesn’t fix the problem and makes for a bad day.

TCRA: Growing an Association

At the recent Torque Converter Rebuilders Association (TCRA) seminar in Coral Gables, Fla., we sat down with the board of directors to discuss the organization, its member and its objectives. We started the conversation with the observation, “There was a time not too long ago when transmission builders would blame the converter for nearly every problem that cropped up after a rebuild.”

The Importance of a Positive Seal: 722.6 Issues

There are at least two major issues that are caused by the lack of a positive seal in 722.6 converters. One issue is the shutter on TCC apply and the other is insufficient or no cooler flow. These seemingly unrelated complaints share a common cause, but the cause-and-effect relationships are quite different.