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Looking ‘Outside the Box’

My first encounter with a Nissan CVT was an interesting experience. Our wholesale customer had diagnosed the transmission as being bad, so the transmission was then replaced. After replacement, the vehicle owner said the car would not accelerate beyond 40 mph. Since the installed transmission was purchased from us, it then became our responsibility to find the root cause of the problem and get the transmission working properly. We verified the customer’s complaint with the initial road test and then began diagnosing the cause.

TF60SN (09G) Shift Complaints

Almost every transmission family ever produced has had weak spots or difficult areas to deal with, whether it is operation, diagnosis or assembly. The Volkswagen TF60SN (Aisin produced) is no exception.

One area of the TF60SN (09G) that has surfaced as troublesome is the valve body. In addition to the normal valve-body issues is the electrical concern. Today’s valve bodies not only have a ton of electrical do-dads to deal with, but the complexity of the items has also increased.

‘Flood Damaged’ Prius Gets a New Life

Much to my surprise, I was able to get the immobilizer system to work after replacing the original module with a combination module and key from another vehicle. After it was programmed I started the vehicle. This also surprised me. I had checked the fluid levels and inspected the vehicle for evidence of the water to see what the immersion level was. I found no evidence of water anywhere, but the engine ran extremely rough and knocked something awful.

Vacuum Testing Toyota U140E/240E/241E

From the TASC Force we reprint a series of in-depth test instructions for checking the serviceability of valve bodies.

What Kind of Boss Are You?

Your behavior in front of your employees is a big determining factor in the way they will behave toward each other, your customers, your suppliers and you. Here are some prevalent and damaging behaviors that some bosses exhibit. If they expect the best from their employees they’ll need to clean up their own act first.

Bleed Procedure for GM Concentric Slave Cylinder

If you have been installing clutches for a while, you are probably familiar with the dreaded Ford Ranger concentric slave cylinder and the difficulties and uncertainty presented when you’re attempting to bleed it. Unfortunately, General Motors has followed suit with similar concentric slave cylinders. Most General Motors vehicle designs do not provide access to the slave cylinder without separating the transmission from the engine. Additionally, some models do not have bleed ports.

July 2013 Issue

In This Issue
Start-stop vehicles: The end game is fuel economy
A604 no-shift problem: Is it moving or not?
Mercedes maintenance: Pick the right tube
Hard-riding SUV: No more bounce to the ounce

The Squeaky Sales Team Gets the Grease

This month’s article is a bit of fun, a bit of made-for-your-entertainment videography and a bit of a business lesson. My team of transmission sales reps destroyed our $2,000 Dell color laser multi-function printer with sledgehammers. Yep. I let them do it. In fact, I watched from my office window and smiled.

‘Straightforward’ Transmission Repair Gets Complicated

The unit was filled with fluid and taken for a test drive. Upon return, the technician said the transmission was slipping and bucking between shifts. The first thing I did was to look for a check engine light, which was not on (yet). So I went for a test drive. The 1-2 shift was all right, but during the 2-3 shift, engine speed started fluctuating and the check engine light came on. We checked for codes again and found one for an intermittent crank-position circuit. I already had my suspicions as to the problem, but now it was time to prove it with the least possible fuss.

The New Cadillac 6-Speed

In the never-ending competition between automakers for increased sales, there is an endless supply of new models equipped with newly designed components. Cadillac has produced the new ATS model, which is described as a “luxury compact sports sedan.” The ATS early on became the darling of the motor press and received “2013 Car of the Year” and other awards.

Valve-Body and Gasket Changes for the TF81

The TF81 (aka AF21) valve body has undergone some changes that you should be aware of.