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January 2001 Issue

Issue Summary:

Ford 4R44E/4R55E/5R55E units with delayed Reverse may require removing a checkball.

Some 1996 and later Ford E4OD models may not upshift. If the PCM is commanding the transmission to make the upshifts, the BS2 checkball in the main valve body is missing.

In the Ford 4R44E/4R55E, intermittent or no TCC application could be caused by replacement of the inner pump gear with one from an A4LD.

When wires are removed from the case connector on 4R44E/5R55E units, determining the cavities to which the wires must be returned can be confusing. We list the pin numbers and colors of wire and the terminals to which you should connect them.

In the General Motors 4L30-E, a complaint of slipping or no 2nd gear before or after overhaul may be because of a barely perceptible crack in the 2nd-clutch housing.

Chrysler A500/42RE may have no Reverse or a bind-up on the 3-4 upshift after a rebuild because of incorrect assembly of the overdrive direct-clutch pack. This is due to the differences in the pressure plate or the steel clutch plates.