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Training: A Necessary Evil!

Why do I refer to training as a necessary evil? Because it is so necessary to the ongoing success of an automotive business, but so evil in the idea of getting employees to participate in it. For some unknown reason a high percentage of techs who have worked in the business for a few years and maybe had some previous training or picked up everything they think they need to know working in a shop, don’t feel they need or should have to attend any kind of additional training.

January 2019 Issue

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Ford 5R110W: No Movement
Dodge 545RFE: Multiple codes stored
Ram 2500 4×4: Erratic transfer case operation

Making a Bad Choice the Right Way

This is a bad Reman U. I mean it. It hasn’t been thought through, agonized over, contemplated, speelchecked or proofreaded. I didn’t have a blinding insight nor did I have one of those everyday experiences that suddenly feels like an analogy for good work/life decisions. What I do have is a deadline, a commitment – ultimately, a promise. I would rather sign my name to a bad Reman U than break a promise. So, this is a bad Reman U, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Hydraulics Fundamentals: Main pressure regulator valve lineups

As today’s transmissions continue to increase in complexity, from growing involvement in electronic controls to a seemingly exponential increase of available gear ratios, one concept remains the backbone of automatic transmissions: hydraulics. Forces, pressures and flow rates are critical considerations in all stages of a transmission’s lifecycle.

Don’t Assume; Be Systematic with Diagnosis

Like many of you, this time of year I am usually asked to assemble a variety of items and gifts for my family members. In light of these requests, I have spent a significant amount of time analyzing why we waste so much time assembling, disassembling and re-assembling items out of an unwillingness to simply read the instructions. Often this process results in leftover spare parts and frustration.

Quality Transmission Service – Fix the Root Cause

Greene also focused on business as well. Analyzing the Alaskan market, he mentioned two ways to expand his business. One way was to find ways to reach what he calls the “outer demographic” of motorists who can’t come to Anchorage; he must go to them. Another way is to take advertising seriously.

Ford & GM 10R80/10L90 Speed Sensor Functions

There are four internally mounted two-wire Hall-Effect speed sensors found in this shared Ford and GM 10-speed venture (Figure 1). Although all four-speed sensors work the same way, one of them is slightly different than the other three. A 9-volt supply from the TCM is sent to all four sensors and a signal from each sensor returns directly back to the TCM.

Mazda’s SkyActiv-Drive 6-speed automatic unit: Magnet is Loaded with Metal

The progressive development of Mazda’s “SkyActiv®” engine and transmission has resulted in an engine that should be available in 2019 called the “SkyActiv-X.” The name SkyActiv given to this drivetrain reflects their back-casting developing method. They started with what they wanted to achieve regardless of how impossible it may seem, and work their way backwards to identify what made that goal seem impossible.