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EVT Evolution Underway – Including Volt

Taking the Mystery Out of Clutch Adjustment with Concentric Slave Cylinders

Proper clutch adjustment is a must for correct operation and durability of the clutch components. For many years, clutch engagement and release was performed with a manual linkage or an external hydraulic system. The manual linkages were adjusted by threaded rods that were set to provide proper engagement and proper clutch release, which was relatively simple to achieve. External hydraulic systems used an externally mounted slave cylinder that actuated the clutch fork and were adjustable through a threaded rod from the slave cylinder to the clutch fork. Hydraulic systems have their own challenges, which mainly revolve around proper bleeding technique to ensure that there is no air trapped in the system.

‘Test, Don’t Guess’ When Lightning Strikes

I have had the opportunity to deal with several vehicles that were actually struck by lightning. Usually, various modules are fried; however, there was one that just threw me for a complete loop. The vehicle ran, but no electrical circuits in the body worked (windows, door locks, radio, etc.) I expected to find a main power circuit problem, but much to my dismay, there wasn’t a single blown fuse. The problem turned out to be on the ground side of the vehicle. The main body ground circuits that ran along the rocker panel under the driver-side doorsill were completely melted away.

Diagnostic Protocol Saves Time, Money

Anyone who has been in the automotive repair business long enough to remember when repair bulletins were accessible only by either fax or snail-mail can appreciate the ease of access that electronic communication has afforded us in the modern repair environment. More amazing still, is the fact that there are still techs in the industry that fail to seek and use this information to save themselves (and their customers) time and trouble when attempting to diagnose a repair.

The Art of the Silver Bullet

Folklore has it that bullets cast from silver are the most effective means of dispatching werewolves, witches and vampires. Ever have one of those dreams where you conquer the bad guy and save the world? While this is possible in the fantasy realm, silver bullets don’t always provide heroic results in the real world, where many problems need to be solved with brains, not blind luck.

Training at Hotel Hell

Training at Hotel Hell

A Little Help

Author: Art Little
Subject Matter: Management
Issue: Sales Training

“What Do I Do When the Phone is Ringing Off the Hook?”

This is article is part of a series of reader submissions, questions, and topic suggestions. I like answering your emails because they are real world and they may relate to your job, your life and your sales efforts. If you have more questions, my inbox is open.

Is Your Shop in a “Bad Mood”?

When your whole shop has somehow worked itself into a bad mood it affects everyone. Customers, suppliers and employees are uncomfortable, and as a result, you lose productivity and sales. The spiral effect just continues downward until it reaches critical stage. Then, if something isn’t done to turn it around, all could be lost. So once the symptoms are recognized, changes need to be made quickly.

Toyota Flex Lock Up Converter (A Rose by any other Name)

Although one of the first lock-up torque converters to be used in an automatic transmission was in a Packard Ultramatic back in the fifties, lock-ups were just not that popular. Transmissions back then either used a fluid coupling or an “open” torque converter.