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January 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

After TCM replacement on GM diesels, no 3-4 shift or TCC occurs and a code 88 is stored. We explain what caused the code to be set.

GM has made some changes in the PCM on 4L80-E transmissions to eliminate one of the causes of no upshift from first gear.

The malfunction indicator lamp illuminated and DTC P0503 stored on a 4T80-E transaxle may be caused by movement of the final-drive internal ring gear relative to the transaxle case.

In a Chrysler 42RE, a buzzing noise in Reverse may be caused by either a partially clogged main filter or the pressure-regulator valve.

A cracked forward piston or reverse/forward and coast-clutch drum can cause premature coast-clutch failure on GF4A-EL units.

GF4A-EL transaxles with codes 6, 25 and 55 that place the unit in failsafe may require replacement of the PCM.

We also have diagnostic-connector locations and code-retrieval information on GF4A-EL units.