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Understanding 4L80-E Overdrive Clutch Failure

Wintertime typically equals a parking lot full of snowplow trucks. Sometimes they represent repeat business — of the bad kind — but most of the time, new work.

The New Year: It Will Be As Good As We Make It

Note: Mike Weinberg wrote this new-year outlook piece 10 years ago. Looking back to that time is instructive as it shows how business owners have endured tough times and how they must persevere in the same fashion going forward.

Precision International: All In The Bag

Marshall observes that sales, purchasing and development teams are all focused on putting the orders and the means to fulfill those orders together so that the plant can produce just what customers are wanting, just when the customers wants it and at a price the customers are happy with.

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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Shift Issue
Dodge RAM Transmission Overheat Condition
Dodge Caravan Develops an Abrupt Downshift

The Art of the Follow-Up

Most salespeople do not follow up. Most salespeople have lousy closing ratios. Don’t be like most salespeople.

Doesn’t that Suck!

He recently was involved in the rebuilding of a ZF6HP transmission in a BMW vehicle. When it was installed and road tested, it ran perfectly and the vehicle was delivered to the customer. A few days later it came back in a failsafe condition. A scan tool retrieved several DTCs, all related to a slipping condition. After the codes were cleared, the vehicle drove well on a road test. However, a slight pump whine type of noise was heard. When they checked passing gear, the transmission slipped and aborted to a failsafe condition. Again, slip codes were retrieved.

Get all info the customer has before starting

I have covered some general concerns that have arisen from aftermarket tuning devices and software in a couple of previous articles. I don’t want to sound like I just keep repeating myself, but the problems keep coming through the doors making this an ongoing relevant discussion. I don’t know if it’s just because I am more aware of these issues and maybe look for them more than some folks do, but somehow these vehicles find their way to our shop after the customer has been bounced around from shop to shop before they get referred to us. In this article I am going to cover one specific issue that I had ran into a few months back.

GM 6T30 Six-Speed Automatic – Junior Addition – Part 2

After General Motors and Ford collaborated on the GM 6T70 and Ford 6F50 transmissions, they recognized the need for another transmission to accommodate lighter-duty vehicles.

Cracking the Codes

In Colorado – and elsewhere, I’m certain – P0442 codes can be counted on to bring cars into our service drives. But in Denver and other heavily populated, pollution-producing areas in the state, we have an additional layer of inspection that forces vehicle owners to have their evaporative emissions systems inspected.

More Manager Success: Made Not Born

So far we’ve learned that successful managers have integrity, are improvers of themselves and others, have relatability, are good listeners, keep their promises, have compassion and can empathize, but not sympathize, and are well organized and in control.