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Trucks Aren’t the only Vehicles with 4-Wheel Drive

In this article we look at the BorgWarner 4476 and 4479 transfer cases, which are all-wheel-drive units. All-wheel drive signifies that the car has the ability to send power to all four wheels all the time with no driver controls. These transfer cases are essentially the same unit with some subtle differences and are found in the Cadillac SRX models. In 2004 all SRX models were equipped with the BW 4476. In 2005 this model was equipped with both the 4476 and 4479, and from 2006 through 2009 all were equipped with 4479 units.

You Don’t Have to Be a Salesperson to Make a Sale

The most important part of your business is making the sale. Your title, however, means little to anyone but yourself.

Technician Turned Sleuth

How often have you accepted a repair knowing that others have been involved? How often are you required to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes? Two recent repair jobs led me to unusual conclusions.

One of my customers brought in a Nissan Sentra that had a habit of blowing its interior-lamp fuse. She would replace the fuse, and then it could fail within hours, or it could take days before it popped.

Most of the time when I see blown fuses, there is a direct connection to either rubbed factory harnesses that aren’t routed with enough free play – sometimes accompanied by a TSB – or it is due to the intervention of human hands during a repair or modification, such as an aftermarket installation.

Analyzing Clues Solves TCC Mystery

The vehicle was a 1995 Ford Ranger 2WD, equipped with a 4R44E transmission. It had originally been repaired by a local transmission shop that had removed the unit and rebuilt it in house, though we had no knowledge of what the original complaint was at the time. After their repair, it would set a P0741 (TCC stuck off), OD light flashing etc. They’d had the vehicle for quite some time but then decided to purchase a remanufactured unit from one of our distributors when repairing the rebuilt unit was unsuccessful. After installation of the remanufactured unit, the same code and symptoms returned. It was then that the vehicle was brought to our shop for diagnosis.

February 2014 Issue

A customer arrived at the shop with the complaint of an inconsistent check engine light, or MIL (malfunction indicator light). The vehicle was a 2008 GMC Acadia with a 3.6L engine and 6T70 transmission. It had 112,700 miles on it; however, the transmission did not exhibit any drivability problems. A scan tool was connected and

JR710E RWD 7-Speed: RE5R05A plus parts/minus parts

Jatco, a Japanese transmission manufacturer, has for decades produced a variety of transmissions, and although Nissan and Subaru have been the largest consumers, several car companies use its products.

In recent years, the focus of Jatco has leaned toward CVTs (continuously variable transmissions); however, the company has always produced step-type transmissions – from simple three-speed automatics all the way up the food chain to seven-speed transmissions, like the JR710E/711E.

Jatco also launched a hybrid version of the JR710E, coded JR712E, in 2011. The JR712E concept is somewhat in line with the GM 2ML70 hybrid.

Vacuum Testing Mercedes 722.6/NAG 1

From the TASC Force we reprint a series of in-depth test instructions for checking the serviceability of valve bodies.

‘We’re Number Two! And Proud of It!’

Sure, it sounds absurd to be proud of being number two, but although most of us pay lip service to our desire to be our customers’ first choice, our actions may say otherwise. Any time you don’t make the customer your top priority, you’re tacitly agreeing not to be their top priority. You cannot truly be number one until your customers are. Being number one really is a two-way street, and it’s not an easy street. You can’t coast your way to number one – and when you get there you have to work like crazy to stay on top because you then become the target for everyone else who wants to take that title from you. If you don’t pay close attention and maintain constant vigilance you can easily backslide to number two and worse.