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The 722.6 Shift Strategy

With the 722.6 being a transmission that shifts from clutch to clutch, smooth shifting requires proper shift overlap. To accomplish this task, a number of components and strategies merge to allow for adaptation under various driving conditions. To fully appreciate what it takes to make for correct shift timing and shift feel, it is good to look at and understand these components and strategies independently. And after having a basic understanding of them, one can see how they work together like members of a musical band to harmoniously accomplish the task at hand.

February 2005 Issue

Issue Summary:

A 1993 or later Chrysler front-wheel-drive car or van may have a complaint of no speedometer operation and may have all the PRNODL lamps illuminated.

Some 1999-2000 vehicles equipped with the 42RE/46RE may exhibit a harsh engagement in reverse.

A 1996 or later Jeep or Dodge truck with an RE transmission may exhibit complaints of falling out of 4th gear and loss of TCC application. On diesel applications, the transmission may be stuck in 3rd gear and governor pressure may be 70 psi in Park.

Solving Difficult Problems: Think Outside the Box

It is easy to lose one’s way and become embroiled in solving problems that actually do not exist. This is where the development of a proper diagnostic method of thinking a problem through before actually turning a wrench is a must. We as technicians are always guilty of attacking the unit when any number of external forces can create the problem that has shown up while it’s under warranty.

The Psychological Advantage

In any sales situation either the customer or the salesperson takes the psychological advantage, meaning that one is better able to read and control the other. We should be able to read our customers far better than they read us, because we practice these techniques every day but the customer uses them only occasionally.

Chrysler 41TE & 42LE Range Sensors

Have you ever been here? It’s late in the day (usually Friday), and you’re just about to button up the 41TE or 42LE job you promised. Everything is going as planned. You go to plug in the range sensor, only to find out that the range-sensor pins are different and the vehicle harness won’t plug in.

False Pretenses

A 2002 Ford Explorer with a 5R55W transmission came into a shop with a complaint of no 2nd or 5th gear. Gear-ratio-error codes P0732 and P0735 were stored, but so was code P0775, indicating a problem with pressure-control solenoid B.

We all know what gear-ratio-error codes are all about by now, but that P0775 code – that’s a humdinger.