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February 2004 Issue

Issue Summary:

On a GM vehicle with the 4T65-E automatic transaxle, OBD-II service code P0742, “TCC Stuck On,” can be caused by a sticking TCC release switch on the pressure-switch manifold, a clogged TCC PWM solenoid or a short to ground of the TCC release-switch wire.

A squealing noise from the bellhousing and converter area of a Ford Escort with the F4EAT transaxle can be caused by a clogged pollution-control valve.

Repeat Catastrophic Lube-Related Failures

Most transmission technicians who work on rear-wheel-drive Chryslers are all too familiar with the devastation associated with poor lubrication. Galled governor supports, galled and/or seized output shafts, or rounded sun and planetary gears are all common failures (see Figure 1). Although towing a vehicle with the drive wheels on the ground will yield the same results, the vast majority of failures are caused by a simple lack of or insufficient lubrication.

What Is New at New Venture Gear?

New Venture Gear is a major supplier of transfer cases to the world’s automakers. A subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, New Venture Gear began life as a marriage of the New Process Gear division of Chrysler Corp. joining with the Muncie transmission division of GM to manufacture transmissions and transfer cases. That joint venture has now been dissolved, with DaimlerChrysler retaining the New Venture name and continuing to design and manufacture transfer cases at its plant in East Syracuse, N.Y.

Simply Complicated

It is in these two vehicles (Tracker and Sidekick) that we find a TCC system distinct from that used in any of the earlier TCC-equipped designs. Figures 1 and 2 show the internal adaptation and description of the components used to control converter-clutch apply. There we see that a TCC solenoid is fitted with some plumbing. The bottom pipe coming from the valve body is band-release pressure, otherwise known as 3rd-gear oil. This ensures that the vehicle will never have TCC until 3rd gear. When the solenoid is energized, this oil is routed through the upper pipe to the pump cover (see figures 3 and 4), where it strokes the converter-clutch control valve into a lockup position.

Goals for the New Year

Are you a goal setter? Do you make to-do lists and check items off as they are completed? Do you know where you want to go and how you are going to get there? What was your sales volume last year? What do you think it should be this year? What will you have to do to get it there? How much more profit will a higher volume net? Will you have to increase staff, equipment or size of facility to get there?

Something Is Missing!

Remember, earlier in the article I mentioned that this was a fleet vehicle. You know what happens with fleet vehicles; they borrow good working components from one vehicle and put it in the vehicle that’s not working. Now, maybe the fleet mechanic had every intention of replacing the borrowed part, but it never happened. It was forgotten, and the fleet mechanic on a different shift ran into the transmission stuck in 4th gear and sent it to this transmission shop.