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Rich History – Bright Future

Transmission Digest visits ATSG to discover how the company links tradition with forward thinking.

E4OD/4R100 Safety Alert

The concern addressed in the bulletin is that the wiring from the overdrive switch may not be routed properly and may come into contact with a steering-column-cover mounting screw and cause a short. This short will blow the #17 fuse.

Understanding the New Venture Gear 226 Transfer Case

In the previous issue we discussed the theory of operations of the New Venture Gear 226 transfer case, which is found in the GMC Envoy, Chevrolet Trailblazer and Oldsmobile Bravada. This chapter is devoted to helping you to get familiar with the electronic functions of this “active” transfer case.

February 2003 Issue

Issue Summary:

Dodge and Jeep trucks with 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engines may experience premature convert-er-clutch failure.

Some RE and RH transmissions (the 500/518/618 transmissions with or without a governor-pressure solenoid) may experience a premature low/reverse-band burnout immediately after overhaul.

Some 1996-99 vehicles equipped with the 42-47RE transmissions may exhibit a continual trouble code 1762 – governor-sensor offset volts or drift too low or too high – before or after overhaul.

1989 and later A518, 46RE and 47RE units may exhibit a late or no shift into third under various temperature conditions.

Chrysler Corp. redesigned the housing for the rear (direct) clutch on the A500 (42RE) transmission during the 1998-99 model years on some models.

The Upshift-Delay Dilemma

Several 1989-1995 Mercedes vehicles using the 722.3 or 722.4 transmission employ a device called the “upshift-delay vacuum actuator.” For this article, I will refer to it as the UDVA.

Rescue Ranger

Many times after an initial scan of the computer system, you find an electrically related solenoid code. If you’re lucky, a new solenoid fixes it, or maybe there’s a problem with the internal wiring – not so bad to fix these problems.

But then there are the times that these items do not take care of the problem. That usually means these days that an external wiring problem is causing that solenoid code.