February 2001 Archives - Transmission Digest
February 2001 Issue

Issue Summary:

Incorrect installation of knock sensors can cause high line pressure and result in code 43 being stored on GM trucks and vans with gasoline engines.

Using a long bellhousing bolt in a shallow hole when re-installing the 4T65-E in a 1999 or later Oldsmobile Intrigue can damage an engine-oil passageway.

Watch your step in replacing the park/neutral switch on Cadillacs with 4T80-E transmissions. It can be tricky.

Installing incorrect drive and/or driven sprockets on Ford AXODE/AX4S/AX4N can cause several fault codes to be stored.

Oil venting from the filler tube on Ford
AODE/4R70W could be caused by the conical screen in the case being blocked.

On a Chrysler A-518, no or late third gear may be because some grooves for the direct-clutch inner seal were cut too deeply into the direct drum.

We also have provided updated information on gear ratios for the 1997-99 4T60-E.