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46-47RH/RE Cooler and Converter Flow

The image of a target is often used in education or training. The bulls-eye is the topic of most importance. It’s what you “Need to Know,” with each consecutive ring or “Nice to Know” reinforcing or providing that information.

December 2005 Issue

Issue Summary:

The RE4RO1A underwent significant changes in many of the internal parts beginning with the 2001 model year.

A Toyota/Lexus vehicle may exhibit shift-feel and drivability complaints after the transmission has been overhauled or replaced.

Failure of the E-clutch piston in ZF 5HP24 (A5S 440Z) transmissions can cause flared 1-2 and 2-3 shifts.

ZF Industries now offers a valve-body reconditioning kit for the ZF 5HP24.

Moving Forward with No Reverse

It is quite a surprise for a technician to learn that a malfunctioning TCC solenoid could cause a slipping in reverse or loss of reverse with 4L30-E transmissions.

Fight or Flight?

One of the most basic of all human instincts, it dates back to when man faced his first predator – be it an animal or another man – and had to make the decision: Do I stand my ground and fight, or do I run away so that, I hope, I live to gain strength and fight again on another day?

Rebuilding the Unrebuildable?

Today’s torque-converter rebuilders face increasingly complex rebuilding jobs. Perhaps no other torque converter has put rebuilders to the test more than some of the ZF 5HP-style converters. These torque converters are manufactured with what is described as a “captive clutch” and would normally be considered a non-serviceable item.

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Once in a great while something comes along that makes you slap yourself on the forehead (ala Homer Simpson) and wonder why you didn’t think of that. The Teslite ( test lead is one of those items – a very simple tool that can find a bad connection or contact with a quick push of a button.

The Tremec T56 Six-Speed: Revolution and Evolution

Tremec, also known as Transmission Technology Corp., is a major producer of manual-transmission and drivetrain components. Tremec operates a world-class plant that is producing transmission products for many of the world’s major auto and truck manufacturers.