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Frank’s Transmission & Auto Repair

We recently spoke with Frank Wulff, owner of Frank’s Transmission and Auto Repair in Richmond, MI, about how they started and where they are today after 40 years in the industry. Wulff says he started at AAMCO in Pontiac, MI, back in 1976. “They hired me as an assistant manager, so I worked at AAMCO

Diagnostics vs. Repair Roles

Being relatively new to transmission diagnostics, I’m always learning new techniques to try and simplify the process. However, at times it still can be overwhelming. After my years as a reman plant worker and R&R technician, I find there is more of a mechanical approach in the transmission repair field compared to the electrical side

68RFE Overdrive Clutch Failure

What to Check First When Troubleshooting OD Issues