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The Rules of Selling in the Automotive Trades

Nobody in their right mind wants to spend anything to have a car repaired. They will spend to buy something they want but an auto repair is just not one of those things. It is a necessary evil.

Oetiker – Putting It Together

“It’s easy to think of a connector or clamp as something simple,” said Oetiker Regional Marketing Manager Brett Moffett. “But, there is a reason that the OEMs have consciously decided to invest into the quality and reliability of the Oetiker connection. The same consideration is as important in a high-mileage aftermarket application as it was

Is Your Team Performing or Storming?

When there’s a lack of harmony on a team, chances are everyone is aware of it on some level, even if it’s just a vague sense of something’s not quite right.

Expect the Unexpected

A 2011 Chevrolet HD2500 6.6L equipped with a LCT1000 transmission came into the shop with a customer concern of no reverse and the indicator under the “R” is flashing.

August 2019 Issue

In This Issue:
GM 8L45/90: Delayed Engagement After Prolonged Inactivity
GM 8L90: Gear Whine in Fourth and Fifth Gears
GM 8L90: Whistling Noise
GM Body Control Module: Ground Loss Module Damage

Mercedes 7G-DCT Transmission (Part 2)

Aside from a few items such as the aux pump and the park lock solenoid, it’s a typical DCT transmission designed for performance.

General Motors 9T50 Nine Speed FWD: Part One

The 6T70 / 6F50 and 6T40 / 6F35 transmission families have undergone countless changes since 2007 and are used in a variety of different models of vehicles currently.

Ford 6R140 – Valve Body Identification Guide

The Ford 6R140 valve bodies can be difficult to distinguish between the early- middle- and late-styles if you don’t know what to look for. Spotting the differences in the casting numbers, separator plates and the cooler bypass valve is critical to proper identification.

Not Just Transmissions

The employees of Transmissions and More in Fairfield, Ohio are dedicated to what they do. The president was even willing to take time to talk to Transmission Digest in the middle of his workday.