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Ford Pickup Downshift Apply Issue
45RFE/68RFE Input Retainer Update
GM 6T40 Ongoing Model Changes

A Little Solder Does the Trick

A 2006 Mazda 3 with a 2.3L engine using a front-wheel-drive five-speed automatic transmission (FS5A-EL known as the FNR5 in Ford) comes into Bebes Transmitech shop in Puerto Rico. The A/T warning lamp is illuminated so codes were immediately checked. Only P0791 was stored in memory. It was logged and cleared before going on a road test where the code set immediately after take off.

TASC Force Tips: ZF6HP19/26/32

In-depth instructions for checking the serviceability of valve bodies.

Real Data, Real Dollars

Data analytics. Sounds scary (or boring), right? Spotting trends isn’t as tricky as you might think and you’re probably already using insights from the numbers you look at every day.

Ford 6R60/6R80 Component Upgrades, Part 1

Ford released the “kissin’ cousin” to the ZF6HP26 a decade ago and like the 6HP, changes have certainly occurred to the 6R60 family of transmissions during that time. Although as part of the agreement with ZF, Ford did use the actual 6HP for a short time, but the game plan from the start was to produce a home-grown unit, which Ford did in 2006.

Problem-Free Pickup, Now This: Why?

This month I’m addressing the common complaint of intermittent and erratic torque-converter clutch cycling between 45-60 mph experienced in Dodge Cummins Diesel pick-ups from years 1998-2003. After 60 mph, the issue seems to go away. This has been a well-documented problem over the years with many bulletins published from the manufacturer.

They Held My Seat Hostage

It’s been awhile since I did a rant about the airlines. I thought I would leave them alone if they didn’t bother me, but as usual they started another war with their amazing lack of business sense and their worse customer relations techniques.

Transmatic – Rolling Along Smoothly

Faced with a serious rent spike where Transmatic Transmission Specialist resided since 1978, Vito Palminteri seized the opportunity earlier this year to upgrade his lifts as he moved to a newer, more affordable facility.

ETE Reman – Expanding

Three years ago, ETE REMAN purchased a former Walmart in Milwaukee, Wis., to address the growing demand for remanufactured transmissions. Adding 160,000 square feet has allowed ETE to grow its employee base to 450 people.
“As our production grew over the years, new departments were created to efficiently support demand. Using Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S philosophies, we did our best to create an efficient process. But moving parts from each department through the entire build procedure became difficult with the existing floor plan and lack of space,” says Lawrence Loshak, Vice President of Manufacturing.