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ZF9HP48 FWD Nine Speed, Part 1 (Is This Fuel Economy or Marketing Driven?)

So far, the leading entry for the “Schwinn Got Gears 10-Speed” contest is from the German transmission manufacturer ZF. With the release of the ZF9HP48 (Chrysler 948TE) FWD nine speed, ZF has edged out the other guys, at least for the moment. Supposedly, a grand champion 10 speed is just around the corner, and won’t that be wonderful.

Vacuum Testing Ford 6F35

From the TASC Force we reprint a series of in-depth test instructions for checking the serviceability of valve bodies.

How did that happen? Part 3

No one wants to have comebacks or waste time with difficult diagnostic issues, but in the long term they are truly educational.

This third article in a series explores real world problems and fixes. This material is based on a huge volume of technical calls and field fixes that we live through in the course of doing business.

Keeping Up with Change

I come from a time in this industry when building a transmission was a simple thing. Of course we didn’t know it then. The problems we faced looked just as big to us way back when as the ones you now face. We were dealing with hydraulic pressure and vacuum with just the slightest bit of electricity thrown in, but even then, that kickdown solenoid that didn’t work could have us scratching our heads for quite a while. Today you have lots of solenoids, sensors, and one or several computers to deal with, and if you’re a rebuilder or a troubleshooter you’d better know how they all work and what to do when they don’t or your shop will lose an awful lot of money.

Serviceability Report: Kia Soul

Let’s take a look at Kia. Is it easy to service?

Kia was a poorly made car when this Korean company brought its 1994 Sephia to America. Kia made cars for Ford/Mazda prior to 1994, but most people had no idea where they came from. Remember the Aspire from Ford? That was a Kia.

Where Did All the Good Customers Go?

Every 3,000 miles, I get to make a decision – where to take my car in for an oil change. Typically, I take it to my usual place, so it’s kind of a non-decision. But on my most recent visit, their customer service was particularly terrible.

August 2015 Issue

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62TE gear-ratio error
45RFE output shaft park spline
Mazda 3 with erratic shifting

When system failures interact

By now, everyone in the automotive industry should be aware of the infamous Nissan radiator issues that cause antifreeze to contaminate the transmission oil (and vice versa). If you’re not, you should research the topic as the implications are many. This issue isn’t as easy to detect as it was several years ago. Today’s transmission fluid doesn’t always tend to froth up into the “pink milkshake” that was always a telltale sign of contamination. Small amounts of glycol can wreak havoc on the transmission, and many times a test kit is required to detect it. I know this is nothing new, but perhaps a refresher with a few new things that you may have not previously considered. The vehicles I will be referencing will be a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder 4×4 and a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder that had related issues all within the last six months.