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Getting into the MP3023 Transfer Case

Getting into the MP3023 Transfer Case

Magna Powertrain (MP) is a worldwide manufacturer of components and systems for vehicle manufacturers. It has acquired the New Process and New Venture Gear business and now produces components under the Magna name. GM awarded its transfer-case business to Magna beginning with the 2007 model year. We have done articles before on the various models of MP transfer cases.

Vacuum Testing A340E/F Part 1

From the TASC Force we reprint a series of in-depth test instructions for checking the serviceability of valve bodies. Part 1 covers Type 3, EPC Style. Type 4, EPC Style will be covered in the September issue.

Craigslist ‘Deal’

For reasons I am still unclear of, my customer purchased a non-running 1997 Subaru Impreza for $1,500, and he had it towed to my shop. First impressions confirmed my suspicion that I was not the first person to work on this car (darn it!). The “Nationwide Productions” badge on the front grille, and the cold-air intake/K&N air filter combination (Figure 1) destroyed any hope that I’d have an unmolested car (darn it!).

Transmission Removal & Replacement: Is it an art, or is it science?

Before any transmission can be rebuilt or have major repairs done, in general, it has to be removed from the vehicle and, regardless whether the unit is rebuilt, exchanged or converted to something else, at some point is reinstalled. This is where the “R&R man” comes up to bat.

August 2014 Issue

In This Issue
Jeep 722.6: hard shifting
4L60-E: torque-converter fill issue
CD4E: Mazda Tribute engine stall

The Essence of Leadership

What makes a leader great? It might not be the qualities you think. Serving others may just be the distinguishing quality of an excellent leader. Let’s look at nine service-oriented strategies that can help you take your crew to unprecedented levels of success.

Telephone Skills Are Important, Too

I have to start with the telephone procedure. I know that might sound pretty elementary to some of you, but I have been in a lot of shops that do not have one, the smaller ones especially. They just shoot from the hip. That’s why they lose the game on the telephone. If you want a telephone procedure you can get one if you try. AAMCO wrote one 60 years ago, and every franchise and major independent shop since has copied it in one way or another with some small differences and changes over the years. If you can’t get a copy of one, you can come to my website. I am working on a new one and I will send it to you. The point to having a telephone procedure is that it gets you organized. Guys who shoot from the hip don’t know it, but it is much easier to sell off a telephone procedure.

Loyalty Starts with You

Most businesses think loyalty comes from issuing a “frequent flyer” card and giving something away for free. That’s not loyalty. That’s buying repeat business from customers who are loyal to the prize, or to the price. Eliminate the freebies, and you eliminate the customer.

Analyzing Failure Patterns

We all know that the 4L80-E is a very common transmission, and in many applications that it is used in it sees moderate to heavy-duty usage. Because of its popularity, we see many of them in the shop. As with anything that comes into your shop on a regular basis, you can see certain failure patterns emerge that make for a good case-study. This article focuses on one such concern that grew into solving other issues as well: engine stalling upon reverse engagement, occurring immediately or shortly after installation of a remanufactured transmission.