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August 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

A 4T80-E may exhibit suddenly firm shifts accompanies by intermittent ratio codes P0731 and P0732.

After a valve-body exchange during either a rebuild or a repair, an AX4S/AXODE exhibits a harsh upshift into 2nd gear. No codes are present, and a pressure check verifies that line pressure is within specifications.

A new drain-plug transmission kit is available to prevent leaks from the oil-pan plug on Toyota models.

Understanding Gear Technology

The transmission-repair industry is all about gears. The word transmission means transmitting or sending, and that is exactly what an automotive transmission does. The transmission sends the power produced as torque (turning force) by the engine and transmits it in a usable form to the driving wheels.

Honda & Acura – the New Generation

This has now become a very frequent question on the tech line: “Hey, what are all these solenoids, and what in the world do they do?” The questions started in the 1997 model year, when the Honda Prelude came out with the M6HA transaxle. This was one of the first vehicles to receive this new-generation 4-speed. This article, I hope, will clear up some of the questions on shift strategy, clutch-pack applications and solenoid application. After all, how can you fix something if you don’t know how it works?

4L30-Es May Drive You Crazy – Part I

If any part of your sanity were ever in question, the 4L30 E transmission might be just the thing to put you over the edge. The most-common complaints concerning the 4L30 E usually have something to do with reverse. No reverse, little or no reverse, neutraling in reverse and partial TCC-lockup apply in reverse are only a few of the many problems.