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August 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

In some instances, the Park/Neutral position switch on General Motors 4L60-E cannot be removed. Related problems may occur, such as the dash indicator showing either an improper shift or no shift, or no back-up-light operation.

A speed-sensor-harness repair kit now is available for General Motors 4L80-E and 4L80-EHD. Part numbers are included.

The location of the rear lube seal and orifice on General Motors 4L80-E and 4L80-EHD is still a problem for many technicians. We have illustrated this location.

Premature failure of the 3-4 clutch in General Motors 4L60 and 4L60-E units usually is associated with vehicles used for police, taxi or other heavy-duty service.

No upshift from first gear after overhaul of a Chrysler A500SE (42RE) may be caused by excessive wear on the overdrive-piston support where the low-reverse drum rides.

After rebuild, some Chrysler 42RE vehicles may have a 1-2 upshift shuttle that may lead to an incorrect diagnosis as a valve-body problem.