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Lubegard: Filling The Marketplace

Asked for the 30,000-foot corporate view, Stellar/Lubegard President Justin Archer said that like nearly all company leaders, he’s looking to take advantage of growth potential and to become more efficient at what his company does. “We continue to add to the product portfolio as we find products for both the Stellar and the Lubegard lines that are needed by our customers.”

The Self-Determined Manager

The best managers intentionally create an environment where employees thrive and great work gets done. To become “self-determined,” you must make a choice to follow through every day and never, ever let up.

Small-Town Shop Stays Ahead of the Curve

Athens Automatic Transmission has been in business in Athens for 23 years, Co-Owner Patrick Gryszka said. Originally owned by his parents, Patrick said he himself had never had any intention of going into the business.

VLP-Line Pressure Too High

A 2014 Dodge Journey 2.4L with a 41TES transmission came in to Electronica & Transmisiones in Buenos Aires Argentina. It had code P0869 set for Line Pressure High. Leonardo Luercho went out with the vehicle using his scan tool to begin his diagnostic approach.

10R80/10L90 Ford & GM Ten Speed Unique Filter System

This design will allow enough fluid volume to the pump during a cold start up and quickly prime the pump. As the fluid heats up (low viscosity), the Thermal Plate will move towards a slight ledge along the topside of the filter housing.

Transmission With a Mind of its Own

A customer had brought in her 2010 Ford Escape equipped with a 3.0L engine and the 6F35 transaxle. The customers concern with the vehicle was that the transmission slipped intermittently. We started our evaluation with a quick visual inspection of the vehicle and checking fluids, all of which checked out good.

Fire Your Center Manager

Here’s the hard part: ask yourself, “Does my center manager meet those expectations? Do they have what I need them to have in order to represent my brand and conduct business in a way that makes me proud?”

April 2019 Issue

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Dodge AS68RC: Pressure Switch Fault After Replacement
Dodge AS68RC: Transmission Range Sensor Codes After Repairs
Ford 6R60/75/80: Delay Reverse and/or 2-3 Flare
Ford 6R60/75/80: Flared Shift Into 4th/5th/6th Hot

Hydraulics Fundamentals: Converter Clutch Control Part 1

An understanding of hydraulics is essential for properly diagnosing and repairing transmission problems. This is part one of a two-part article on how an understanding of converter clutch control aids in transmission diagnostics. Part one describes fluid path and torque converter terminology. Part two addresses the valves that control those circuits and the clutch control.