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My MB E320 Sedan Story, a.k.a. ‘My 722.6 Story’

This month we make a temporary departure from the traditional Torque Converter Tech Tip article. Instead, we offer a different perspective: a torque-converter story as experienced and told by the vehicle owner. In our business we wrestle with the technical side of completing repairs and we all try to remain focused on the fact that some individual, outside our industry, owns and drives that vehicle. This gentleman not only had the motivation and determination to resolve a multi-year ongoing problem but also was willing to make a 15-hour drive to take the vehicle to a shop that he believed could fix that problem. We let him tell it in his own words.

Magna Powertrain Transfer Cases, Part 4

Last month we discussed the design features and mechanical operation of the Magna Powertrain MP3023/3024 (RPO Code NQH), and this article reviews the electronic operation of these transfer cases and the diagnostic routines to troubleshoot problems. These are “active,” computer-controlled transfer cases, which are capable of biasing torque to the front wheels without driver input.

Valve-Body and Plate Changes for the 5R55S

In 2009, Ford changed the casting of the 5R55S valve body and changed the separator plate as well.

Motivating Managers

If you are reading this article and your manager is upfront burning the shop down, keep your seat. I started out as a manager, but most of my career I made a living by managing transmission-shop managers. They are a group who require from time to time, shall we say, a little motivation. There are ways that I know of to do that and I am willing to share.

The New Guy

Instead of hoping that the new guy gets used to the way things are, work hard to leverage his excitement and ideas – they’re often more creative than anything you’ve thought of. Try looking at your business through the eyes of the new guy.

Misconceptions about Hybrids all too Common

Hybrids are coming to our shops, like it or not. I seem to be getting a lot more customers lately who are asking questions about hybrids. They want to know things like: “How far can you go on one before you have to plug it in and recharge?” “How dangerous are they?” “What happens if you run into a flash flood or get into an accident?” “Could you get shocked getting out of the car?” and “How long does that $10,000 battery last?” There are a lot of technicians out there who have some pretty strange ideas about hybrids also.

Diagnosing an Overheating Condition

For the purposes of this article, we were working on a 2008 GMC Acadia that required internal repair of the transmission. In this specific instance, a reman unit was installed as the replacement. Similar to the diagnosis and repairing of this unit, the R&R is fairly straightforward also. Paying attention to things like cracked flex plates, reprogramming of the TCM, performing Fast Learn and getting the transmission to the correct fluid level are important items to check for a clean installation.

CFT30 Variator Repair

Today’s CVTs are a fact of life because of the number of them on the street. In addition, the flavors (variety) of CVTs have also increased.

One of the more popular CVTs being rebuilt today is in a now-defunct vehicle, Saturn, whereas other CVTs are used by Nissan in vehicles like the Murano. The Nissan CVTs are produced by Jatco, which is the dominant CVT manufacturer in the marketplace today. Jatco has recently released a variation of a CVT that actually has an auxiliary gearbox, making it a partial step-type trans. It almost seems like a “step” backward from a pure CVT.

Seven Business Facts You Need to Know

There are, fortunately, seven facts that you can learn and use continually. These facts could help you avoid the mistakes that trip up so many others and go on to achieve your ultimate success.

Installation of Dual-Mass Flywheel

Today’s vehicles are becoming more and more complex to service, and following proper procedures is very important when making repairs to them. This is especially true when you’re replacing Infiniti and Nissan dual-mass flywheels.

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6R60/6R80: changes related to addition of one-way-clutch
A4AF3: avoiding catastrophic bearing failure
4R70/75: design changes to address planet failures
RE0F10A: harness connection problems