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April 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

This month’s issue deals with code-retrieval methods on the Isuzu NPR/GMC Forward Tiltmaster for model years 1988 to 2000.

It’s a Game of Tag, and You’re It!

A 1995 Mazda Millenia equipped with the 2.3-liter supercharged engine and the LJ4A-EL (JF4O3E) transaxle came in for a basic overhaul.

During the road test after completion of the job, the traction-control OFF lamp came on, as did the traction-control-system lamp and the Check Engine lamp. Holy mackerel, what the #%A* is going on here?

Tips and Techniques for Standard-Transmission Diagnosis, Part 2

When you arrive at a formula that fits your operation, it must become what the Army used to call SOP (standard operating procedure) for handling technical problems, comebacks, never-lefts, initial diagnosis and root-cause failure analysis. Throw away the shotgun approach, stop making assumptions and follow the methodical process that you design to lead you to consistent problem solving. Let’s look at some real-world scenarios.

Suceeding Through Diversity

From thousands of transmission technicians working in shops across the country, stories abound as to how each one found their way into the world of transmissions. With different ages, races and sexes occupying the trade, individuals come with varied levels of interest, education and ambition. As such, there come different levels of success in personal accomplishments and financial gain.

Dodge Ram Dilemma

A four-wheel-drive 1995 Dodge R1500 pickup was towed to a transmission shop, which performed the usual pre-checks, including checking codes, cooler flow, pressure, and function of the transfer case and both differentials. All preliminary checks pointed to the transmission as the problem, and its subsequent removal and inspection did verify a defective transmission. The transmission rebuild seemed to go routinely, and the transmission performed adequately on the road test.