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TASC Force Tips: Hydraulics Fundamentals: Check Valves

while check valves are fairly simple in design and function, they can cause various shift issues and clutch failures when not working correctly.

2015 Land Rover Evoque is Stuck in Park!

The shifter knob would come up out of the console and allow the driver to move it from Park to Drive once, then freeze in the Drive position.

Shop Profile: Ed’s Transmission of Marysville

Ed’s Transmissions has been around in one form or another in Washington state since 1952, but the original owner Dick Matson has long since sold them to separate owners of his three locations. With the original store in Everett, Washington, and two other shops added later, the Marysville store is now embarking on an ownership

Top 10 Powertrain Product/Tool Winners for 2021

The following are the winners of our annual Top 10 Powertrain Products and Tools for 2021. These products and tools were submitted by the suppliers. Here are your (10) favorites in each category. Top 10 Product Winners: Sonnax Drop-in Zip Valve Repairs Sonnax GM 6L80 Heavy Duty 4-5-6 Clutch Hub & Intermediate shaft Raybestos Powertrain

Hydraulics Fundamentals: Shift & Relay Valves

Shift valves and relay valves share a lot of the same duties. This article is one of a series by Sonnax exploring how valves and hydraulic circuits work and what results when they quit functioning correctly.

Top 10 Powertrain Tools of 2021

Cast your vote for the Top 10 Tools of ’21!

Top 10 Powertrain Products of 2021

Catalog of annual Top 10 products from suppliers.

Sticks: Narrow Demand – Potential Profit

Today’s demand for sticks breaks down into a small number of focused customer categories.

Hydraulics Fundamentals: Clutch Regulator Valves

Knowing how these circuits work and the slightly different variations that the manufacturers utilize should pinpoint any valve body-related issues

An RE7R01B Dilemma

Harold Grisham from Grisham Transmission Center had quite a dilemma on his hands. A 2016 Nissan Titan comes to his shop with a sudden no reverse with 60K on the odometer. This vehicle has the RE7R01B transmission in it and this is where the dilemma begins. After a basic inspection, it revealed the ATF level

Transmissions & Oversized Tires

How Changing Gear Ratios Helps Prevent Drivetrain Damage

Frank’s Transmission & Auto Repair

We recently spoke with Frank Wulff, owner of Frank’s Transmission and Auto Repair in Richmond, MI, about how they started and where they are today after 40 years in the industry. Wulff says he started at AAMCO in Pontiac, MI, back in 1976. “They hired me as an assistant manager, so I worked at AAMCO