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Can of Worms (Buchse der Pandora)

A 1998 Volkswagen Jetta with a 2.0-liter engine and 01M transmission came in with a complaint of not shifting into fourth gear. The owner had just bought the car, which had the problem when he bought it, and he said it would shift normally up to third gear.

Needless to say, the history of repairs is minimal at best. What we do know is that the owner took the vehicle to a nearby transmission shop, which pulled trouble codes. DTCs for shift solenoids 6 & 4 (N93 & N91, respectively) were present, so they replaced solenoids 6 & 4 and the internal harness. The trouble codes returned immediately. That shop didn’t know what to do from there, so they referred the vehicle owner to our shop.

My MB E320 Sedan Story, a.k.a. ‘My 722.6 Story’

This month we make a temporary departure from the traditional Torque Converter Tech Tip article. Instead, we offer a different perspective: a torque-converter story as experienced and told by the vehicle owner. In our business we wrestle with the technical side of completing repairs and we all try to remain focused on the fact that some individual, outside our industry, owns and drives that vehicle. This gentleman not only had the motivation and determination to resolve a multi-year ongoing problem but also was willing to make a 15-hour drive to take the vehicle to a shop that he believed could fix that problem. We let him tell it in his own words.

Christmas Vacations

Every year you schedule vacations for your employees. You have to rest your horses, but do you have to rest them when the shop is busy? I have found that most employees would rather take their vacation time at Christmas instead of during the summer if given the choice. I know the kids are out of school in the summer, but they are out of school at Christmas too. Why not schedule some long weekends for your employees during the busy summer months and wait until business slows down at Christmas for long vacations? It may be best for everyone.

Vacuum testing the GM 4L80-E

From the TASC Force we reprint a series of in-depth test instructions for checking the serviceability of valve bodies.

December 2013 Issue

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6HP/6R60 solenoids: No end to changing colors

Year-End Review

Another year has flown by, and it has left me with more questions than answers. Business is slowly increasing for us, but it seems that many shops in our industry are struggling to survive. This means that the transmission repair industry is still contracting, with many shops pulling the plug and others doing general repair to bring in cash flow – and general-repair shops now buying reman units and replacing transmissions.

Don’t Forget to Inspect the Pins

When it comes to diagnosing vehicle issues in today’s world, so many things must be taken into consideration. You must check the integrity of all possible components that affect the subsystem you’re diagnosing. In the realm of modern automotive transmissions, those subsystems will include computer hardware, software, wiring, sometimes cabling and actuators, and the components on and in the transmission itself. I guess those old rusty bolts weren’t such a challenge after all.

Knowledge Isn’t Power; Execution Is!

People say knowledge is power, but it absolutely isn’t. What you do with that knowledge is what’s really important and powerful. Lots of folks have great ideas for inventions or starting businesses, but the vast majority never act on them, or if they do it’s in some half-baked manner that never brings the results they envisioned. It’s one thing to have a great idea; it’s quite another to see it through to its ultimate conclusion.

Serviceability Report: Chevrolet Impala

Tech to Tech Author: Craig Van Batenburg Subject Matter: Serviceability Vehicle Application: 2014 Chevy Impala Issue: Service comparison After GM went through a public bankruptcy, did its cars get better to service? This month, we focus on the Chevy Impala for the second time. Back in 2005 I compared the 3.8 four-door sedan with a

5R110W Upgrades

Beginning with the launch of the 5R110W in 2003, the number of tweaks has been unending. Some of the item upgrades had been limited to the item itself, whereas others resulted in rather expensive and heavy packages.

2008 Honda Civic Clutch Problem

On the initial road test and under normal driving conditions, the car seemed to be working fine. However, when the car was driven a little more aggressively, the customer’s concern became apparent. If you released the clutch pedal quickly, the pressure plate seemed to react slowly. Upon further inspection, we noted that when the vehicle was stationary with the engine off and the clutch pedal was partially depressed, it would take some time for the pedal to rise back up to the pedal stop.

Back Off to Control Volatile Situations and Make Better Sales

Often, holding your tongue while figuring out the right responses to get you what you want is the best way. You can turn a demanding or difficult customer around, gain the respect of friends and employees, and get Aunt Sarah to understand that you’re doing what’s right for you and your family. Some might consider it a form of weakness not to jump right in to protect your honor or show a customer how far off base he is, but it can be a useful tool in getting people to realize just how wrong they might be or what’s best for them in their situation.