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‘When I Says Woe, I Means Daewoo’

A 1999 Daewoo Leganza with a 50-40LE transmission came into the shop with the driver complaining that the vehicle had no power. It was immediately discovered that the transmission was in a fourth-gear limp mode. The next step was to retrieve codes. The aftermarket scan tool the shop owns does not offer a specific Daewoo cartridge, so only generic OBD-II was available to them. And as you probably guessed, the scan tool reported that no codes were present.

December 2004 Issue

Issue Summary:

Before and/or after overhaul, 1995-2002 vehicles with 4R44E/55E or 5R44E/55E transmissions may exhibit soft or flared shifts, multiple gear-ratio-error codes or solenoid performance codes.

Some vehicles with 4R44E/4R55E/5R55E transmissions may exhibit delayed engagement in reverse and no engine braking in manual low.

Ford or Mazda vehicles with 4F27E or FN4A-EL transaxles may exhibit DTC P0741, torque-converter clutch stuck off, before or after overhaul.

Ford or Mazda vehicles with 4F27E or FN4A-EL transaxles may exhibit delayed forward engagement or premature forward-clutch failure.

Before or after overhaul, Ford vehicles with the 4F27E transaxle may exhibit failure due to lack of lubrication.

Tools That Money Can’t Buy and They Pay You to Use

This article addresses special tools relating to 5R55E and 5R55W/S transmissions. If you have worked on these units, you’ve already discovered how difficult it is to isolate slip codes and TCC problems. These tools are specific to the 5R units, but you can use your design creativity, a cut-off tool and a drill to make test fixtures from other parts as well.

A Guide to the NV 246 Transfer Case

This transfer case is one of the so-called “automatic transfer cases,” or “active transfer cases.” This description results from the fact that the 246 has an “automatic 4WD function,” a 2WD position, a 4WD High function, neutral and 4WD Low position. Driving the vehicle in 2WD has all torque flowing through the transfer case to the rear driveshaft, and the vehicle operates just like a 2WD vehicle.

VW Controller Concerns

A 1999 VW Passat came to our shop. The customer said the car did not feel right sometimes. He left the vehicle for us to check out. Upon going on a road test, we noticed the Check Engine light on, wrong-gear starts and gear-shift indicator lights not functioning properly.

The Best of Intentions

How many of you have said, “Yeah, I’ve got to get out and do some outside sales”? You generally tend to say that when business is slow. You may have every intention of actually doing it, but then life gets in the way. The shop gets busy again, the manager doesn’t come in or a technician quits. Any one of these or 62 other possible problems will keep you from doing outside sales. In fact, pretty much any excuse you can think of will keep you from getting out there, because in most cases if you were being honest, you just don’t want to.

46RE/47RE: Power Circuit for Transmission-Control-Relay Coil

46RE and 47RE units (and some 42/44RE units after 1996) use an interesting method to energize the coil of the transmission-control relay. As we all know, the switch part of the transmission-control relay is what provides battery power to the solenoids when its coil is energized.

Could Rebates Be a Solution?

I hate to discount anything. When you drop your prices you show weakness. It makes your customers think you are easy to take advantage of. The problem is that once you start to drop prices you tend to keep doing it. Before you know it your profit is all gone and your customers are in complete control of your business.

The Chain of Command

There are many parts that technicians take for granted and replace routinely without understanding the technology and engineering necessary to produce these parts. One of the most-common replacement items used by our industry is the drive chain. Once limited to transfer-case designs, drive chains were a natural way to transfer power between parallel shafts in front-wheel-drive automatic transmissions.

4L30-E: Slips in 2nd or Slips in 3rd

A 1995 BMW 325i equipped with a 4L30-E transmission came into a transmission shop. The customer was referred to the transmission shop by a technician at a general service facility because of a “check transmission” light and the torque-converter-slip code that he found during his inspection.

November 2004 Issue

Issue Summary:

Some 1996-2003 Ford Explorers, 2003 Lincoln Aviators and 1997-2003 Mercury Mountaineers have “neutral tow” capability.

4R70W units in 2000 & later Ford and Lincoln/Mercury vehicles may have a rattle or clicking sound until the 1-2 shift is completed.

Ford Motor Co. introduced a new rear-drive transmission with the designation 4R70E or 4R75E at the start of production for 2004.

Technicians may have difficulty translating the readings for transmission-fluid temperature, since most scan-tool data for TFT is represented in DC voltage but most manuals show only resistance charts.

A4LD/4R44E: Ford 4.0-Liter Crank-Spacer Puzzle

Sometimes gathering all the information about a problem is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle. Finding out about differences in Ford 4.0-liter converter pilots was like putting a piece of a puzzle in place and seeing the whole picture a bit more clearly.