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Sonnax highlights signal accumulator piston kit for GM 6T40

Sonnax highlights its drop-in signal accumulator piston kit (part number 144740-40K) for signal accumulators in GM 6T40 (Gen. 2 & 3) transmissions. According to the company, this kit allows repair of the valve channel casting without reaming, and the O-ring provides a positive seal against critical pressure loss even in worn bores.

Sonnax highlights oversized servo pin kit

Sonnax has introduced an oversized servo pin kit (part number 77787-03K) for reconditioned GM 4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E and 4L70-E case bores. According to the company, this chromoly steel servo pin matches the longest OE pin length and is fully compatible with OE and aftermarket servos.

Alto introduces new cores

Alto has introduced new OEM TEHCM cores covering several different applications. GM, BMW 6L45E models are covered by Alto #201550NDOEM (OEM #24241382), while GM 6L80E and 6L90E models are covered by Alto #195575AUC (OEM part #24270598, pictured above).

TransTec introduces overhaul kit for Toyota, Volkswagen

TransTec has introduced a new AWF8G30 UB80E/F Overhaul Kit for Toyota and Volkswagen models. It can be ordered either with or without pistons. Toyota models covered include: Camry (2.5L) Years: 2017 and on RAV4 (2.5L) Years: 2018 and on Volkswagen models covered include: Golf (1.4L) Years: 2017-2020 Jetta (1.5L) Years: 2020 and on The kit

Alto introduces ZF bonded valve body plates

Alto has introduced two new lines of ZF bonded valve body plates—one applicable for 845RE, ZF8HP45/70/90 applications; the other for ZF8HP45/50/55/70/75/95 applications. See the Alto website for more information about compatibility, part numbers, etc.

Sonnax highlights accumulator valve train kit

Sonnax has introduced an accumulator valve train kit (part number 77754-10K). According to the company, it is built to prevent sleeve wear in GM 4L60-E series transmissions. The 4L60-E series valve train has three OE size variations: CX, DX and YZ. This kit is specifically designed for the DX size with additional selective springs to

Sonnax introduces Low/Reverse servo pistons for GM TH400, 4L80-E

Sonnax has introduced new Low/Reverse servo pistons for GM applications. According to the company, the new pistons are built for GM TH400 and 4L80-E transmissions, and are made of high-strength, billet aluminum to prevent failure.

TransTec introduces axle seal kits for Volkswagen units

TransTec has introduced a new axle seal kit for a wide variety of vehicles and transmissions made by the Volkswagen Group (VAG). The kit includes input shaft seals, end cap, axle seals and axle flange o-rings for a variety of DQ200/0AM units. Vehicle coverage is as follows:

Alto introduces new friction and steel clutches for ZF differential

Alto’s latest product release is a new line of friction and steel clutches for ZF differentials from model years 2011 and on. Alto notes that these clutches feature its K2 high-energy material. As pictured above, two-sided friction, one-sided friction and a steel plate are available.

Transtar introduces 6T40 generation 3 shift kit

Transtar’s TransGo brand has introduced a lube boost valve for 6T40 models from model years 2015 to 2022. According to the company, to salvage the pump, TransGo engineered an oversize hardened steel valve and spring combination to minimize the valve oscillation responsible for premature bore wear, ensuring a lasting fix.

Chicago Pneumatic introduces cordless impact wrench

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new 1⁄2-in. cordless impact wrench, the CP8854 series. According to the company, the wrench is made for tire changing and quick service wheel applications on light vehicles including cars and vans. Mechanics can use the wrench to remove wheels quickly for access to brakes, suspension and shock absorbers, and with

Alto introduces Mercedes 722.9 friction clutches

Alto has introduced a new line of friction clutches for Mercedes 722.9 Speedshift MCT 7 Speed transmissions. The one-sided clutches are made for model years 2008 and on, and feature Alto’s G3 friction material. Pictured above are the 1-sided friction external teeth; one-sided friction internal teeth, and the steel pressure plate.