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Hyundai/KIA A5HF1 (F5A51) Binds in Reverse, No 4th Gear

Complaint: After overhaul, a Hyundai or Kia equipped with the A5HF1 (F5A-51) transmission binds up in reverse range and does not have fourth gear. Cause: The Failsafe Valve “B” keeper fell out of the valve body unnoticed, refer to figure 1. That will allow the valve and sleeve to move out far enough to create

Dodge Ram 65RFE Erratic Shifting

No trouble codes are stored, however, the scan tool indicated the downshifts out of sixth and fifth gears were commanded.

Allison 1000/2000 Series Slipping on Initial Forward Take-Off

With nothing found in the transmission that could be blamed for the slip complaint, the valve body was disassembled for inspection.

Chevrolet 6L90 Hill Start Assist Inoperable

The vehicle came back with a complaint of the “Hill Hold Assist” feature was not working since the remanufactured transmission was installed.

GM 4L70E Leaking out of Vent

Complaint: After overhaul, a 4L70E has a complaint of transmission fluid leaking from the transmission vent. There were no cooler restrictions or filter problems and there was no evidence of cavitation. Cause: The input speed sensor passage and the vent passage in the pump can be connected as shown in figure 1. The rebuild technician

Ford/Mazda 4F27E/FN4A-EL Shifts from Second to Neutral

Complaint: A Ford with a 4F27E transmission was just overhauled and now has a complaint of a shift from second gear to neutral. Cause: This transmission needed to have the rear planetary that splines to the direct clutch hub, refer to figure 2, replaced, a planetary was taken from parts stock and installed. The planetary

Ford 4R75E Slipping in Third Gear

Complaint: The vehicle may come into the shop slipping in third gear, upon disassembly of the transmission the direct clutch is found to be badly burnt. Further disassembly reveals the bottom of the 2-3 accumulator piston has blown out, refer to figure 5. Cause: The damage to the 2-3 accumulator piston will allow forward clutch

Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 4XRE Transmissions No Movement

Complaint: A vehicle equipped with a 4XRE Series Transmission stopped moving suddenly soon after overhaul. Since an unmodified 4XRE valve body does not charge the torque converter in Park, the fluid level was check in the Neutral position, it was over full. The technician then removed the return cooler line to check for cooler flow

Ford Focus 4F27E Harsh Garage Shifts

Complaint: A 2006 Ford Focus with the 4F27E Transmission has complaints of harsh garage shifts as well as harsh lift throttle coast downshifts. All upshifts are perfect and no trouble codes are stored. An exchange valve body complete with solenoids did not eliminate the complaints. The Mass Airflow Sensor was cleaned and checked and the

4L60E/65E/70E Input Carrier Change

The input carrier and the reaction carrier shaft were modified to accommodate the updated bearing.

GM 4L70-E ISS DTC P0716 or P0717

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Toyota/Lexus U660E, U660F: Critical Wear Areas and Vacuum Test Locations

OE valves are shown in a rest position and should be tested in a rest position unless otherwise indicated. Test locations are pointed to with an arrow. Springs are not shown for visual clarity. A low vacuum reading indicates wear. What should my vacuum test results be? While a properly calibrated and maintained test stand