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May 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

With all the updates on transmissions and transaxles, the interchange of parts is not as easy as it was in the past. So this month’s tech information will help in the identification of these parts and in transmission/transaxle identification.

The information on General Motors 4T60-E covers the identification of the channel plates on models that have no manual low, plus information on the parts affected: inside detent lever, channel plate and 2nd-start switch.

The new-design 1-2 roller clutch on the THM 4T60-E has created parts changes, along with inter-changeability and retrofit concerns.

In a Ford AXODE (AX4S) that slips on the 2-3 shift or has no 2-3 shift, the cause may be mismachining of the direct-/intermediate-clutch cylinder or an out-of-round clutch cylinder.

The new input-clutch retainer on Chrysler 41TE and 42LE units changed snap-ring thicknesses, and the reaction plate was modified.

Chrysler A500/42RE series transmissions may have no reverse or a bind-up on the 3-4 shift because of a mismatch of the overdrive-/direct-clutch housings, depending on engine size and transmission model.

April 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

We have preliminary information on BMWs equipped with the ZF-5HP-18.

In Chrysler rear-drive vehicles with premature planetary failure, the one-way checkball may have been installed incorrectly.

Chronic internal leaks in Honda/Acura vehicles cause premature clutch failure, poor shift quality and shift hunting.

A continuous front-seal leak in a CD4E may be due to the installation of an incorrect torque converter.

March 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

In a GM 4L80-E/4L80-EHD with trouble code 68 in overdrive or trouble code 39 in Drive 3, the cause can be mechanical. The units also have new-design fourth- and overrun-clutch steel plates.

The oil-pump driveshaft in Ford AXOD/AXODE may be the culprit in no movement in forward or Reverse, or no converter-clutch apply at any speed.

We also have updated electrical diagnosis and cautions on 1991-1992 Ford AXODE.

Chrysler 41TE has a change in the overdrive/underdrive reaction plate, as well as a change in the 2-4 low/reverse reaction plate.

In a Honda M24A, no reverse after overhaul may be caused by the bore plug that retains the servo control valve having been installed backward.

Valve-body screens for GM 4L30-E units now are available individually from Isuzu. We list the part numbers for those screens.

February 2000 Issue

This month, we start off with some complaints on Ford 4R44E/4R55E/5R55E units. Delayed engagements and/or slipping may be caused by a missing extension housing lube orifice plug. Insufficient oil to the forward-clutch circuit can cause delayed forward engagement on 4R44E/4R55E units, and no forward engagement in the overdrive range may be because a bore plug in the valve body was installed backward.

A lack of clutch capacity for the overdrive clutch in a Ford E4OD may cause premature failure of the overdrive clutch.

We also have some information on Ford E4ODs with missed shifts that scan tools reveal as “No Codes Present.”

Defective thermostats can cause no converter-clutch applications on Honda Civics and Accords.

January 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

After TCM replacement on GM diesels, no 3-4 shift or TCC occurs and a code 88 is stored. We explain what caused the code to be set.

GM has made some changes in the PCM on 4L80-E transmissions to eliminate one of the causes of no upshift from first gear.

The malfunction indicator lamp illuminated and DTC P0503 stored on a 4T80-E transaxle may be caused by movement of the final-drive internal ring gear relative to the transaxle case.

In a Chrysler 42RE, a buzzing noise in Reverse may be caused by either a partially clogged main filter or the pressure-regulator valve.

A cracked forward piston or reverse/forward and coast-clutch drum can cause premature coast-clutch failure on GF4A-EL units.

GF4A-EL transaxles with codes 6, 25 and 55 that place the unit in failsafe may require replacement of the PCM.

We also have diagnostic-connector locations and code-retrieval information on GF4A-EL units.