Transmission Repair Tools and Equipment
Organization: A matter of patience and planning

I recently read a book about a pair of deep-sea divers who discovered a German WWII submarine off the east coast of the United States. After meeting its demise, it had settled on the bottom approximately 250 feet below the surface. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I learned a

Launch introduces X-431 Throttle III scan tool

Launch highlights the X-431 Throttle III diagnostic scan tool that uses Wi-Fi and SmartLink VCI connectivity. Released in late 2021, it is aimed at assisting technicians with OE-level, accurate vehicle diagnostics, ADAS calibrations, IMMO functionality, remote tech-to-tech collaborative diagnostics, FCA security, gateway access and compliance, heavy-duty truck diagnostics and more. The operation system is based

K-Tool introduces new lighting lineup

K-Tool International has expanded its line of lighting products for professional work applications. The new lighting additions include telescoping underhood lights, work lights, floodlight, headlamps, flashlight with power bank and a rechargeable UV pen light. The lighting line features lumen ranges from 200 and 2,000 lumens. The product line additions, as described by the company, include:

Heat Metal Components Faster with Venom HP

Induction Innovations, Inc.’s Venom HP is the company’s highest powered Mini-Ductor handheld induction heater. The Venom HP is part of the Mini-Ductor series that allows users to release hardware from corrosion or thread lock compounds in a matter of seconds, without the dangers of an open flame. The Mini-Ductor Venom HP’s feature set includes a

JEGS introduces line of hydraulic shop presses

JEGS has introduced a new line of Hydraulic Shop Presses for the removal and installation of bushings, bearings, ball joints, u-joints, pulleys and gears. Constructed with heavy-duty steel, there are four sizes: 6-ton, 10-ton, 12-ton and 20-ton. Features highlighted by the company include: Three-point contact for safe, secure support Black oxide coated steel hardware (5)

Lock Technology offers new line of sockets for work on O2 sensors

Shockit Sockets from Lock Technology, Inc. use the force and sonic vibration of an air hammer along with a self-centering non-turning offset 8mm radius tip Shockit Punch to access, loosen and remove frozen O2 sensors. The LT994 kit includes a 22mm Shockit Socket for limited access O2 sensors; a 22mm long profile Shockit Socket for deep recessed

Bosch introduces new ADS 625X scan tool

Bosch has introduced the new ADS 625X scan tool, which contains vehicle coverage across a broad range of domestic, Asian and European vehicles dating back to 1976.  According to the company, features include: Performing all-systems DTC scans under 60 seconds on average Complete scans taking 30 seconds or less for many vehicles makes and models A 10-in. LCD

Aircat flex head ratchet wrench introduced

Florida Pneumatic Manufacturing Corp. has introduced the Aircat 811 1/4-in. 30° Flex Head Ratchet Wrench for smaller fasteners in tight or challenging spaces. The wrench produces 35 ft.-lbs. of maximum torque and a rundown speed of 240 RPM. Features highlighted by the company include: Aircat “silencing technology” reduces the tool noise to 76 dBA Variable

Moroso introduces external oil pump with a fuel pump drive

Moroso has introduced an external, single stage, reverse rotation oil pump with a fuel pump drive. The reverse rotation pump is mounted towards the front of the car and has a driver’s side door car style mounting bracket. It has a spur gear 1.200 pressure section and variable spring rates that can optimize your oil

Clore introduces Jump-N-Carry 12V Lithium Jump Starter/Power Supply

Clore Automotive has introduced a new Jump-N-Carry 12 Volt Jump Starter and Power Supply. The JNC345 can start up to 10L gasoline engines and up to 10L diesel engines, and additional features include reverse polarity protection, backfeed protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection. The JNC345 also features two USB outlets to power

Gearwrench introduces Bolt Biter Nut Drivers

Gearwrench has introduced a new line of Bolt Biter Nut Drivers that allow technicians to remove and reuse damaged fasteners. According to the company, features include: “Minus-size” options work on heavily worn or damaged fasteners that standard sizes can’t grip. Additionally, their tapered entry design lets Bolt Biter Nut Drivers seat or disengage from fasteners

Kent introduces Quick Seal MSP Seam Sealers

Kent Automotive has introduced a new line of Quick Seal MSP Seam Sealers to eliminate noise, water and air leaks. Applying seam sealer to keep out moisture and prevent corrosion is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of a vehicle during repair, the company says. According to Kent, features include: a non-sag formula that allows