Steve Logeman, Author at Transmission Digest
Quit Dimpling Those Converters

This all started with my looking at multiple converter failures caused by the converter bolts damaging the backs on Toyota A245E/A246E transmissions used with the 1.8-liter engine. We also see this in other Toyota applications, maybe more so than with other vehicle manufacturers.

My intentions were to order some factory bolts to get the proper dimensions and possibly send these reman units out with new bolts, either OE or an economical replacement bolt. I was hoping this would eliminate any confusion for the R&R technician as to which bolts were the proper ones to go into the converter, hence eliminating unwanted warranty repairs.

Manual Transmission Fails Because of Hydraulic Error

Manual Transmission Fails Because of Hydraulic Error

R&R Tech

Subject: Shifter sticks in fifth gear
Unit: NV4500
Vehicle Application: 2002 GMC 2500
Essential Reading: Rebuilder, Diagnostician, R & R
Author: Steve Logeman