Richard Middleton, Author at Transmission Digest
Less Time Spent Diagnosing

We sold a 4L60-E to a neighboring shop, which installed it and then brought it back to us because of a P0753 shift solenoid A code. The code would recur consistently and almost immediately when the vehicle was driven. However, the transmission would NOT go to failsafe; it would continue working fine (this is a key point).

4L60-E EC3 TCC Control and Adapt

While I was helping a co-worker repair a TCC slip, we analyzed some graphs and noticed some interesting info on how the PCM behaves and how it “sees” and adapts for a TCC slip.

Different Transmission, Same Problem?

When you install a replacement transmission and the car still has the same problem it came in for, it makes you think the problem is with the car, not the transmission. On the other hand, if you’re a shop that rebuilds “in house” and installs the same transmission that came from the car, you now face the dilemma of whether you misdiagnosed the problem or failed to resolve it in the rebuild process.