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Building a Positive Attitude, Building Your Bank Account

Negative attitude, for that matter, is perhaps more contagious that positive attitude. It’s why one negative coworker can ruin the mood of the entire team the minute they walk in the door. Positive attitude has to be on purpose.

Fish Stink From the Head

One of Sam’s most frequent reminders to ETE’s leadership is “fish stink from the head.” What Sam means is that the worst smelling part of a dead fish is its head. But what Sam really means is that most problems within a company can be traced back to its leadership.

Fire Your Center Manager

Here’s the hard part: ask yourself, “Does my center manager meet those expectations? Do they have what I need them to have in order to represent my brand and conduct business in a way that makes me proud?”

Read This and Reap

I realize that I’ve cared more about what fuel I put in my car than what fuel I put in my head. Bad mistake. What you feed your mind is the single most important element of your success – or failure.

Why You Should Put a Library in Your Lobby

Books change everything. They contain the answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself for years. They contain new ideas, old truths, and growth opportunities – all for less than the cost of a crappy movie at your local theater.

The Art of the Follow-Up

Most salespeople do not follow up. Most salespeople have lousy closing ratios. Don’t be like most salespeople.

Trusting your customers part 2

The reason why the people of Good Eggs did such a good job at earning my loyalty is because of how they made me feel (and to my referrals: seriously, go to Good Eggs any time you’re near Door County, Wisconsin)

Trusting Your Customers Part One

I’ve been standing in line for 30 minutes or so by the time I realize I may not get to eat breakfast today. I’m in line for, what I’ve been told, is the most amazing breakfast burrito on the planet. Apparently it’s no secret, because Good Eggs is packed. Imagine a Qdoba or Chipotle but instead of meat, these guys make eggs, potatoes, and vegetables and wrap them up in a giant tortilla. There are three things on the menu: basic, standard and deluxe wrap. And there are 100 people in line to order them at the counter.

Elevate Yourself from Order-Taker to Salesperson

Every time you answer the phone, you have an opportunity and a choice.

The opportunity: Somebody is calling you because they need or want something.
The choice: You can give them information or you can give them a reason to buy from you.

Before you answer that next call, think “What’s my goal?” Hint: If your goal is to give them prompt, courteous information, you’re only a fraction of the way there.

“What Do I Do When the Phone is Ringing Off the Hook?”

This is article is part of a series of reader submissions, questions, and topic suggestions. I like answering your emails because they are real world and they may relate to your job, your life and your sales efforts. If you have more questions, my inbox is open.

Achieving Work-Family Balance

I recently flew from Milwaukee to Minneapolis and then on to Fargo, ND. Each time I landed, I felt my iPhone vibrating in my pocket, indicating that I had received a new voicemail, email or text message. When I pulled out my phone in Minneapolis, I had 17 new emails, 2 voicemails and 3 text messages. That flight was only about 90 minutes. I had a 45-minute layover, so I did my best to return calls and emails, but I didn’t get to them all.

Small Talk Is for Small Sales

Small talk is meaningless yapping about nothing at all. Small talk is safe, but it accomplishes nothing of value. It’s a restatement of the obvious. Small talk is for small sales.