Mike Souza, Author at Transmission Digest
Souza Sezz: U880E/AF50-8 Electronic Information

The Aisin Warner AAWF8F45 eightspeed front wheel drive transmission is refered to as the U880E in Toyota/Lexus models and the AF50-8 in GM vehicles.

U880E First 8-Speed Front Wheel Drive of Its Kind

This Aisin series front-wheel-drive, eight-speed automatic transmission is the first eight-speed front-wheel-drive of its kind and referred to as the AWF8F35/40/45/50. It’s also referred to as GA8F22AW by BMW, AF50-8 by GM, U880E by Lexus/Toyota and TG-81SC by Volvo to name a few.

10R80/10L90 Ford & GM Ten Speed Unique Filter System

This design will allow enough fluid volume to the pump during a cold start up and quickly prime the pump. As the fluid heats up (low viscosity), the Thermal Plate will move towards a slight ledge along the topside of the filter housing.

Ford & GM 10R80/10L90 Speed Sensor Functions

There are four internally mounted two-wire Hall-Effect speed sensors found in this shared Ford and GM 10-speed venture (Figure 1). Although all four-speed sensors work the same way, one of them is slightly different than the other three. A 9-volt supply from the TCM is sent to all four sensors and a signal from each sensor returns directly back to the TCM.

10R80/10L90 10-Speed Solenoid Function

The first thing to remember when replacing the valve body and/or just the solenoids is the TCM will have to be updated. This is very similar to what has been covered in the past with the 8L90 found in GM vehicles referred to as solenoid characterization. The 10R80 solenoids are similar to the 6R140W solenoids referred to as solenoid body/strategy identification.

Quick Peek at New Ford / GM 10 Speed

Approximately 10 years after Ford and General Motors joined together to develop a six-speed front-wheel-drive transmission, they have done it again, developing a 10-speed rear-wheel-drive transmission.

Can It Get Any More Complicated?

I understand as transmissions progress in time with the future technologies, things will change and probably become more complicated. Let’s look at what used to be a simple design, the park-pawl components found in many transmissions. We have all heard of or seen the new “park-by-wire” systems found on some of the later transmissions in today’s market. The ZF6HP and ZF8HP have their version of park-by-wire with a release cable that can physically pull the park pawl out of the park position if the vehicle were to lose power. That system was probably the first to be seen in most transmission shops.

Just When I Thought I’ve Seen Everything

OK, let me see if I’ve got this right. The Mercedes 7G-DCT 7-speed dual clutch transmission does not have a reverse idler gear. When shifted to reverse it uses 2nd gear, 3rd gear and 1st along with all four shafts. That’s correct, now let me explain how and why.

Just Another Little Known, and even less Cared-for, Fact of the Day

During the first road test after the installation of a 41TE (A604), the vehicle seems to shift fine, then you notice on the second takeoff it starts to act a little strange, like maybe it’s low on fluid. You might also notice a slight pump whine before you make it back from the test drive.

The Code that just Wouldn’t Go Away

This particular tech call was the usual 4T60-E or 4T65-E transaxle with the code P0741, “Torque Converter Clutch System Stuck Off.” It began as so many times before with the normal question, “Was this unit just rebuilt or is it coming back with this problem?” The next question was, “What repairs have you done to correct this problem?”

Noise? What Noise? Oh, That One

One of the toughest things in the transmission industry for any technician to diagnose is a noise problem. It’s even tougher to diagnose over the phone, and at times near impossible. In some instances, as with the 5R55S/W transmission, there can be several different things that can have you chasing a noise ’til you’re about to pull hair from your head.

Morning Sickness – Well, Sort Of

At ATSG we have received several calls on the 5R55N/W/S transmission in the new Lincoln LS, Jaguar, Ford Explorer or Mountaineer concerning a complaint of delayed or no engagement. The condition occurs most often during first morning startup, under extreme cold-temperature conditions, and the transmission may engage if the throttle is snapped wide open.