Michel Schmets, Author at Transmission Digest
JF015E CVT sensor blues and red

In past articles in the “Technically Speaking” series, it has been pointed out how easy it is for the primary pulley exciter ring fingers to bend while working on a JF015E continuously variable transmission (as seen in figures 1, above, and 2, below). Ironically, these fingers can become bent while fixing a compromised secondary speed

Programming: A Blessing or a Curse

(Re)programming and tuning do share some similarities but are very different and shouldn’t be mixed up. As told in the previous chapter, the program contains a lot of info including the mapping. This mapping is basically the way the car drives “transmission-wise.” This mapping contains stuff like shift speeds, TCC strategy and speeds, shift firmness and pressures.

Programming: A Blessing or a Curse

To answer the question in the headline, we need to look at the programming of modules. Not the actual program, but the foundation on which it is based on.

Make a New Friend: Programming

The automotive sector is rapidly following the IT sector and becoming more complex by the minute. To shed some light on this trend, I will discuss programming in a series of articles.