Jennifer Porter, Author at Transmission Digest
Who’s Telling Your Brand Story?

Jennifer Porter asks: Who’s telling your brand story? You can’t control what is being said, you can lead it.

The Most Important Part

I met my supervisor for the day, grabbed a pair of safety glasses, and gloved up. After a few brief introductions to my new coworkers, I was ready for the challenge: Jennifer Porter, parts washer.

In my usual day-to-day, I’ve posted, updated, and promoted an open parts-washer position on an almost monthly basis.

How to Keep the Exception from Becoming the Rule

Aside from some glances he shot us from across the restaurant a few times, our server didn’t come back to check on us again. When we flagged him down for our check, only then did he ask how everything was.

Outside Insight – Can Restart Your Marketing Brain

If you’re lucky, your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are challenged every day. Regular, open discussion is a healthy thing, especially when it comes to justifying what you’re most passionate about.

But let’s be real. With the various responsibilities you have in your day and how busy work can seem, it’s easy to fall into a consistent, comfortable, unchallenged rut.

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

Unless you’re a one-man or -woman business, there are multiple people, touchpoints and experiences that connect your customers to your business. Any single mistake – which may not seem like that big of a deal at first – could just be the straw that breaks that customer’s back and sends that person running to your competition.