Jim Hamilton, Author at Transmission Digest
Basic Visual Checks Key to Successful Diagnosis

We have all read our share of tech articles that end up with the fault being traced to a failed component. We’ve also seen plenty of information about vehicle subsystems creating “false positives” for a component that was incorrectly identified as being bad. Well, this article blends these two scenarios with another added issue: a previous repair by a careless technician.

Installer, or Plumber?

Shortly after the installation, the company called our warranty department to report that the transmission was binding in both forward and reverse. It hadn’t been on the road yet because it would barely back out of the bay. They stated that it would roll only a few feet and the transmission would bind to the point of stopping the truck in both forward and reverse. Since our facility that sold the unit was a full-service shop, it was decided that it would be best for the utility company to bring the truck into our shop to diagnose and repair the problem.